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Effective Basti Treatment For Improving Hair loss!

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Effective Basti Treatment For Improving Hair loss!

Losing of hair at an alarming rate can be a very intimidating sight, especially if you are young. Although it is okay to experience gradual hair loss with age, but a sudden burst of it can hamper your self-confidence and image. Today, due to high levels of pollution and stress, hair loss has become a growing concern among the majority.

Ayurveda states that hair is a by-product of the bone tissue formation (Asthi). Any disruption in the tissue metabolism can severely affect the quality of the hair. It is also dependant on the digestive fire of the body. It is based on the philosophy that people suffer from diseases due to imbalance of energy in the body. When the organic processes in the body are restored to its original state, this energy itself can be channeled to fight diseases effectively. Ayurveda terms consistent hair loss as ‘khapitya’ and it categorized under ‘shirorga’.

Romakupagata/Keshamulagata, also called bhrajaka pitta dislodges the hair from its roots. Sleshma/Kapha along with rakta obstructs the hair roots, which in turn does not allow new other hair to grow.

Other causes include-

  1. Accumulation of excess toxins in the body leads to ‘pitta dosha’, which obstructs the flow of blood, and other nourishing nutrients to the roots of the hair, resulting in a dry scalp, dry hair, thinning of hair and split ends.
  2. Iron deficiency in the body does not allow healthy bone growth and deteriorates the quality of hair.

Basti Treatment for hair loss-
Ayurveda first determines the body type or prakriti of every individual, after which hair fall treatment is decided and advocated. Ayurveda is a holistic approach, which diagnoses the core issue of hair fall, eliminates impurities from the body and provides natural remedies to stimulate growth of hair.

Basti is a traditional ayurvedic medicated ‘enema’ treatment where herbal oils and decoctions are inserted through the rectum to improve vata disorders. Vata, present in colon, is the main force behind the elimination of feces, bile, urine and other excreta. However, the bone tissues (asti dhatu) is also another predominant site for colon. The mucus membrane of the colon is the outer covering of the bones (peritoneum) and gives it nourishment. Therefore, basti treatment is effective in curing vata disorders.

There are eight types of herbal oils applied under the basti treatment. However, the following helps in improving hair loss-

  1. Anuvasana or oil enema is used to cure excess drying of the scalp.
  2. Niruha- Asthapana or the decoction enema used to clear the vata
  3. Matra Basti or the oil enema used for daily use heals chronic vata disorders. Besides this, no strict dietary restriction or exercising is necessary.
  4. Bruhana Basti is applied to provide adequate nutrients in the body and make up for the loss.

This treatment should not be applied in patients suffering from diarrhea, bleeding of the rectum, shortness of breath, fever, severe anemia and others.

Therefore, the Ayurvedic treatment of Basti is a cost effective and highly beneficial treatment to curb excessive hair loss.

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