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Diabetes - How To Avert It?

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Diabetes - How To Avert It?

Diabetes features as one of the most common ailments in the contemporary times. Mostly assumed as a congenital disease, diabetes is growingly targeting different age groups and often the outburst of diabetes is mostly unmapped. Diabetes is mainly spurred by the presence of high blood sugar content in the patient's blood. In cases where insulin, the sugar absorbing hormone, is not produced normally, the patient becomes more prone to diabetes. Many attribute this phenomenon to the changing lifestyles of the people and their food choices. In clinical terms, however, diabetes is said to be triggered off by the destruction of insulin-producing beta cells in the body.

Besides the genetic susceptibility, there are a variety of causes that result in diabetes:

1. Obesity and Physical Inactivity: An imbalance between calorie intake and the burning of the same often results in the storage of excess sugar. This aggravates the risks of cardiovascular diseases. The food and lifestyle choices are directly related to the phenomenon.

2. Abnormal glucose production by the Liver: Normally the pancreas secretes glucagon when the natural percentage of insulin is low and stimulates the liver to produce glucose which is then released into the bloodstream. But under certain conditions, the glucagon level is already high in some people. In such cases, the liver produces glucose thus increasing the risk of diabetes.

3. Beta Cell Dysfunction: The beta cells are responsible for the secretion insulin in your body. In case the beta cells stop functioning normally, a medical condition called insulin resistance arises. Under this condition, your body cells stop responding to the insulins secreted and consequently, the glucose content increases thus causing diabetes. Various endocrine diseases contribute to the malfunctioning of the Beta cells.

4. Medicines and Chemical Toxins: Often certain medications like diuretics, anti-seizure drugs, psychiatric drugs, and drugs to treat HIV may lead to the worsening of the beta cell functions and cause diabetes.

Diabetes can be medically treated as well as its adverse effects can be assuaged by ushering in a few lifestyle changes:

1. Periodically checking your blood sugar levels
2. Taking adequate dental care, often keeps the blood sugar levels in control
3. Regularly exercising and being physically active
4. Avoiding junk food and food with high glucose content
5. Consuming relevant drugs prescribed by the doctors
6. Being wary of the side-effects in cases of organ transplantations.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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