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Diabetes During Pregnancy

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Hi all,

Myself Dr. Vandana Singh. I am working as senior consultant Gynecologist. Today I am telling about a common complication of the pregnancy that is known as Intrahepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy. In this condition usually in the third trimester of pregnancy means after 28 or 29 week, the woman develops a problem which is related to the liver of woman. In this condition, the main symptom of the lady is she complains of itching all over the body or itching in the soles and palms especially in the night. If a woman complains like this or she is feeling itching, she should explain this condition to the doctor. Accordingly, if she complains of itching she should go for the liver function test. In this condition we always prescribe liver function test. In this condition, we see the function of the liver, serum bilirubin, liver enzymes. After reporting if the level of the enzyme is increased in the LFT, that condition is known as Intrahepatic Cholestasis of liver of pregnancy.

The condition is very common nowadays because our food is oily, spicy and that cause problem to the bile acid, liver function. Because of the bile salts increased in the blood that causes itching all over the body. This condition is significant because this condition also affects to the fetus and mother both. The only problem comes is itching, no other sign and symptoms of this condition. So if your feeling itching in pregnancy especially in the late trimester, then you should visit your doctor and explain the thing and go for Liver Function Test and see the levels of the LFT. If the LFT is deranged or the level of the enzyme are increased, your doctor will always prescribe you medicine and will always ask to say to you avoid oily and spicy and especially eat boiled food. Oil increases this condition and sometime if you don’t follow the prescription of your doctor, you can come in a very bad stage.

Sometimes liver functions are so deranged, then your life risk may occur in pregnancy. In this condition liver is affected and your blood enzymes level increased so that at the time of delivery bleeding may be profuse, bleeding can occur in a very high volume, so the condition can even lead to your life risk. Matlab is condition mein aapki jaan tak ka khatra ho sakta hain. Isliye isko aap ye na le ke sirf hume khujli ho rahi hain, koi problem nehi hain, jo bhi aapko bataya gaya hain jo liver ke test hain,wo karwaye jayenge. Liver test agar apko bada hua ata hain toh usi ke dawai di jayegi aur sath mein isme parhej bhi zyada karna padta hain. Aap ko ubla hi khana khana parta hain. Koi bhi ghee, koi oil, koi butter, cheese ya koi bhi dry fruits apko nehi lena hota hain. Ye condition lagvag 27 to 28 hafte ke baad hi develop hoti hain aur isme apko bohot hi parhej ke sath rehna parti hain. Otherwise Aapke blood mein kuch aisi cheeze aa jati hain jo delivery ke samay bleeding ko both zyada bada deti hain, jamanewale tatva kam ho jati hain, jiske wajah se bleeding rukti nehi aur aapki jaan ko khatra ho sakta hain.

Dusri cheez isme bacche ko bhi problem ho sakti hain. Kabhi kabhi is condition mein jo bile salts bar jate hain blood mein, uski wajah se bacche jo hain pet mein hi poty kar lete hain jise hum meconium kehte hain. Aur uski wajah se bacche k jaan ko v khatra ho sakta hain. Isliye mera message sirf itna hain ke agar aapko khujli jaisi koi cheez ho rahi hain pregnancy mein, toh use kabhi chupaye na, usko apni doctor ko zarur bataye jis se aapka sahi se karan pata chal sake khujli ka aur usi ki tarah ilaj ho sake. Agar aapko meri video pasand ayi hain ya kabhi bhi aap is bare mein ya fir koi aur pregnancy ke pareshani ke bare mein mujh se kuch jan na chahti hain toh mujhse consult kar sakti hain. You can contact us through lybrate.


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