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Dhat Syndrome: Why is 'Semen loss problem' so big issue among Indian Men?

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Dhat Syndrome: Why is 'Semen loss problem' so big issue among Indian Men?

Dhat syndrome is a common issue in the Indian subcontinent where males become anxious about semen loss. This disorder has been linked with the Hindu beliefs and mythology where semen is regarded as a vital fluid in the body. Thus, any semen loss by nocturnal emission or masturbation can subject the affected person to semen loss anxiety.

What are the common symptoms of Dhat syndrome?

The symptoms of this disorder are the lack of physical strength, poor concentration, forgetfulness, guilt, and (in some cases) sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and appetite loss. This disorder has been traced back to the ancient Hindu mythology, where it was said that semen loss could have a devastating effect on the human body.

Why is it common among Indian men?

Doctors have described this as a symptom where the person is influenced by the information he gathers from around his environment. Most people with this disorder belong to the lower socio-economic strata with conservative traditional attitudes towards sex. Results show that most of the patients with 'Dhat' Syndrome symptoms are also affected by somatoform disorder (mental illness that causes bodily pain), anxiety and depression which are all mind related disorders.

It is common in India due to the fact that there are a large number of people from the lower socio-economic strata who hold on to traditional beliefs about sex. The information they obtain about this disorder from their traditional sources creates anxiety in their mind. Moreover, the Indian culture comprises many widely spread myths and misconceptions which are conveyed over generations. This adds up with lack of awareness and limited communication among family members about the condition to generate anxiety about semen loss, a major symptom of the condition.

How to handle this issue?

In modern age and science, we do not consider it is any disease or issue, but still many Indian men continue to suffer from this so called Dhat syndrome and seek treatment as well medical advice. But the role of treating physician and sexual therapist is to reassure and counsel the patient, that no serious harm will happen from this trivial loss of semen during nocturnal emission or masturbation.


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