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Hello, I am Dr Anuradha from Amar Colony Market. Today, I am telling you about the methods of contraception. The ideal contraception is one which is hundred percent effective, convenient to take, which has no side effects, and is reversible whenever you want to conceive.

There are methods that are based on information or are based on the temperature changes during the cycle, changes in quantity and quality of cervical mucus, and withdrawal of penis before ejaculation. Then is the Barrier Methods that includes both male and female condoms, but these male and female condoms have to be worn and removed again and again which is not hundred percent effective as it may get torn or the semen may come out of the condom. The female condom known as the Femidom prevents against other infections also and can be kept on for twenty-four hours. It has to be put in approximately three to four hours before contact. There are other methods like Hormonal methods which are most commonly used, that includes the Pills. These pills come in a pack of twenty-one days. You have to take these tablets regularly, without fail. They should not be skipped. It has to be taken at a particular time of the day and if you forget the pill you are at risk for the next one week so it should not be forgotten.

The main drawback of these tablets is the convenience of taking these tablets. These oral contraceptives help in other things also.

But as a side effect, it may cause nausea, weight changes, moody behaviour. However, these changes are only for only two to three months and once the body had adjusted, these side effects decrease. These are also reversible; when you stop the tablets, there are high chances that you will get fertile within six months of stopping these tablets.

Next are the Emergency pills which people do take very regularly nowadays but it is not at all advisable by a doctor that you take it frequently. These methods, for example, I-pills, are commonly available which you can take within seventy-two hours after unprotected sex or if the condom failed, the condom has torn, or you have forgotten your pill. It should only be taken in these cases after consulting the doctor. Next are the injections available in the market. It causes irregular menses or you may miss your periods for two three months which is another point of concern and it causes tension. These are again not advisable.

Best are the Oral Contraceptive Pills. In case you have delivered normally or through cesarean then the best method is the multi load insertion copper Ts that are available. These are called the Intra-Uterine Devices. It is inserted once during your period dates, maybe within five days of your periods. It can be kept for five to eight years, as per your choice and you can remove it whenever you want. Side effects could be that you get cramps and irregular bleeding for a few months. It then gets adjusted to the body and there is no harm.

This much for today and if you want to know more about this or you want to have any contraception or any details you want to know then you can contact me through lybrate.

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