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Common Skin Problems & Ways They Can Be Managed!

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Common Skin Problems & Ways They Can Be Managed!

There are over 3000 skin problems that are known in medical history. From moles to rashes, hives to eczema, skin discoloration to oozing, the list is a long one. While some are temporary and disappear by themselves, some could be extremely dangerous if not treated early. Good news is that most skin disorders are treatable. Here is a list of frequent skin disorders that can affect any individual:

  1. Acne: Acne is mostly witnessed in teenagers through the phase of puberty. This is a non-infectious disease which is caused due to the presence of pustules, papules, and blackheads. Acne is caused due to hormonal spread and goes by itself by the age of 20-30. This can leave behind scars.
  2. Razor bumps: If a portion of the hair which is present below the follicular pore is shaved off, it curls within resulting into an inflammatory condition known as the razor bumps. It mostly occurs when a hair gets extracted due to close shaving. This is mostly seen in the beard area.
  3. RosaceaThis is a chronic condition characterised by dilation of the blood vessels, redness, pustules, and papules. Overgrowth of rhinophyma is also observed in some cases. This condition is mostly seen in adults and can give an impression of acne during the beginning. Anti-inflammatory treatment is required to get this disease under control.
  4. Cold Sores`This condition is caused by a virus known as herpes simplex. The latter resides in the cells of the spinal cord and can travel through the peripheral nerve to attack the lip. They can stay for a time span of 8-10 days. Medical attention is necessary if the condition recurs frequently.
  5. Athlete’s food: It is an infection of the stratum corneum which is caused by a fungus known as the dermatophyte. This condition can be both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. In the case of the former, there could be frequent itching followed by heavy irritation and dry scaling. This infection can be easily treated by applying antifungal creams that are readily available over the counter.
  6. Eczema: It is a condition of the gene that that is responsible for chronic and oozing dermatitis. Places, where they occur the most, include elbow and knee. They can also result in asthma and fever. Eczema occurs in early childhood of an individual and gets better with age. Doctors recommend topical steroids and emollients.
  7. MelasmaThis condition often results from pregnancy and oral contraceptive medicines. It is a pigmentation which is flat and brownish in appearance. They can be visible on forehead, upper lip and cheeks of a person. Exposure to sunlight can make the spots darker. These infections are persistent in nature and very hard to get rid of.

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