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Common Sexual Problems in Men - Impotence

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Common Sexual Problems in Men - Impotence

Common Sexual Problems in Men - Impotence

For men, one of the most terrifying sexual problems is impotence, or erectile dysfunction. This is an issue that can worsen in time, and which can frustrate both men and their sexual partners. If you notice any symptoms, you should take action as fast as possible.

What is the meaning of impotence?

This problem is normally seen as an inability to achieve or maintain an erection that can successfully start and finish a sexual act. Age is not extremely important when it comes to impotence, but older men have more chances to suffering of this condition.

It is not uncommon to fail in achieving an erection at a given moment. This can happen if you are stressed or tired. Problems appear if this happens often. In this case, treatment is required.


Impotence can have various causes and it can be influenced by both psychological and physical factors. Even some serious conditions like kidney disorders, diabetes, Parkinson's, cholesterol or heart diseases can cause impotence. However, keep in mind that anxiety, stress, sexual boredom, depression or problems in a relationship can also cause impotence.

Facts related to impotence

Believe it or not, impotence can affect one in ten men all around the world. Of course, it is impossible to know the exact number of men who suffer from impotence. This happens because many people who suffer from impotence to embarrassed to go to the doctor. Most of the people in cause consider that they cannot discuss this problem with their doctors or sexual partners. But this is just another obstacle in resolving the problem.

It is much better to treat a dysfunction than to leave it to worsen. So if you have any problems in this area, you can also suffer from disappointment, anxiety, emotion, etc. And the list can continue with even worse conditions, if you do not seek medical advice.

How can erectile dysfunction be treated?

Recently, lots of treatments have been discovered and improved. They have managed to prove to be quite successful. Nowadays, there are lots of treatments that remain available for everyone in need to use. Firstly, you should talk to your partner. Sometimes men can give in to the pressure (intentional or not) to perform. In this case, a serious discussion can take the load off and even encourage an erection.


This is another thing to consider. For instance, drug abuse, too much alcohol or heavy smoking can intensify the impotence problems. If you suffer from impotence, consider seeing a doctor who can offer you a full and complete consultation. After investigations, this doctor can offer you the proper remedy. There are a couple of popular drugs that are normally prescribed when the problem of male erectile dysfunction strikes. But every man has different problems, so every treatment will also be different. What matters the most is to get healthy and to have a good sex life!

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