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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Common Problem of Knees

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Dr. Suraj PrakashOrthopedic Doctor • 34 Years Exp.M.Ch - Orthopaedics, Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS

Causes, symptoms and treatment for Knee Pain

Hello, I'm Dr. Duraj Prakash, Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in areas of South Delhi and specializing in the field of knee replacement surgery and Orthoscopic reconstruction procedure of knee and shoulder. Today I'll briefly talk about common problems of the knee and how to prevent degeneration of knee in people who're reaching middle age group. Knee arthritis is one of the common problems that we're facing as population ages and people want to become and lead a more and more active life. Generally, knee arthritis has multiple reasons, why somebody gets knee arthritis others don't. It could be related to genetics, lifestyle, the weight of the person and activity level. There is a small group of people where a neglected injury very rapidly damages the joint and gives rise to premature or early arthritis.

The symptoms of knee arthritis are:
1. Pain
2. and Stiffness

Many people use to complain of morning stiffness and the issue becomes complicated if the person trips or falls because weak muscles fall in arthritis. Make sure that cause people to trip and fall more frequently. So the way to avoid is to maintain proper weight. In case someone has got early childhood deformities like bow legs and knock knees it should be appropriately corrected in the younger age group. Then any injury which a person may sustain, it may look innocuous, it may hurt for a couple of days and then becomes alright should never be neglected. If the problem is instability, if your knee feels it is going to slip out of the alignment on a rough surface you must go see an orthopedic surgeon.

Another group of people is ones who are suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis where the problem starts with fingers and small joints of hands and feet but gradually progresses to the knees. These people should regularly do exercise to maintain muscle strength and ensure that they take proper medication in time to prevent long term damage to the knee. Regular strengthening of the knee muscles, the thigh muscles which stabilizes the knee goes a long way in preventing any problem in the knee joint. Even with mild arthritis if your knee and your thigh muscles are strong, your likelihood of getting surgery is very rare. In addition, when the muscles are strengthened not only the knee feels better, the likelihood of fall also reduces to a great extent.

In those people where the knee is already damaged the technology now offers us many remedial measures starting from small procedures to regenerate the cartilage to upcoming procedure like platelet rich plasma, stem cell therapy and reconstruction therapies ranging from many many ways of small surgery partial knee replacement and leading onto total knee replacement which everybody knows right now. The smaller procedures have a very big advantage in terms of safety, better function, smaller stay in the hospital and equally long functional life of the prosthesis. With the newer technology, it is possible to treat these conditions but then the best remedy is to take a step before the problem arises. So stay healthy, keep active and remain fit. In case you have a concern or query, you can always consult Best Orthopedic Doctor in Delhi & get answers to your questions!


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