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X-Ray (Sky-line View) Test

X-Ray (Sky-line View) Test

Knee joints connect the lower leg to the thigh and the flexibility helps the movement. Age, weight, sex, physical injuries, and surgical process affects the Knee health. There is various type of Xray views to analyze the knee problems. Lateral view, AP view, and Skyline view. The Particular Skyline view help to check at Patella hanging above the knee bone. The Skyline view results are more useful in analyzing problems like patellar dysplasia, Trochlear dysplasia, patella fractures, arthritis. Fracture of Trochea and patella can be seen as dark lines. Arthritis can be identified by bubbles or spears present at the skyline area.

X-ray process can be conducted on out-patients. There are two types of Sky-line view. I) Superior-inferior patella projection view or Sky-line merchant view, and II) Inferior- superior patella projection view or Sky-line Laurin view. The technician must make arrangements based on the types. The physician must check for previous medications taken by the patients. The Technician must be aware of patient's age and the tables need to be placed based on the age.

Patient must remove the metal or jewelry like Anklets or any pierced jewelry below the knee. Patient's must be facing pain. Necessary arrangements for setting up comfortable seating and support must be arranged.

The lateral view and Sky-line view X-ray shows the clear view of the patella and the trochea area of the knee bone. The patella fracture is identified only by this method. In Sky-line view, The irregular hanging of the patella and irregular shape of trochea also identified.

This minute view help to identify the patient's problem more clearly and the medication can be given more specific. Helpful to identify if the knee bone is displaced. Help to detect if the knee replacement is set well.

The patient must lie down at the end of the table. The legs must be hanging down. A support is set under the leg in such a way the angle between the lower leg and the thigh must be 45 degrees. The X-ray Light must be fixed at the 160-degree angle to the knee. Once the position is set right, the X-ray beam is captured in the film.

Average price range of the test is between Rs.200 to Rs.1300 depending on the factors of city, quality and availablity.

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