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Cancer - How Ayurveda Can Treat It?

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Cancer - How Ayurveda Can Treat It?

Cancer is a widespread disease which results in cell growth and cell multiplication. Millions of the people are facing this deadly disease, and the source is still unknown. It is a natural phenomenon to age cells, and cell death is inevitable. When a cell dies in the body, it gets replaced with a new one. But the cancerous cells cannot divide and lack replacement. Cancer forms a tumor in the body that leads to impairment of cells and other changes which make the body weak and dysfunctional.

Some types of cancers have visible growth like that of the tumor, and some are not as visible as that of leukemia. Some cancers have rapid growth of cells, while other types of cancers have a slower rate of cell growth and division. Cancer cells may develop in one part of the body and spread through various lymph nodes and bloodstream.

Causes of Cancer:

One common source of cancer is not determinable. Some argue that cancer is genetic, while others blame the lifestyle. There are many causes which result in cancer like smoking cigarettes, physical inactivity, and many more. But, one primary reason for determining cancer is not available. Risk Factors

Some of the preventable cause of cancer are:

● Smoking

● Excess body weight


● Lack of proteins

● Heavy alcohol

The causes as mentioned above are preventable. But, there are other causes of Cancer which cannot be prevented and age is one among them. Recent studies shown that maximum Cancer patients have Cancer due to age.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer:

Ayurveda is not only a medical approach to treat diseases, but also encourages you to live a healthy life. According to Ayurveda, the body is made of five essential elements water, ether, fire, air, and earth. These elements combine to form a human body and Ayurveda is used to balance them.

The factors that balance the essential elements of the body are known as Doshas. These are:

● Vata Dosha which allows air and ether.

● Pitta Dosha for fire and water which handles digestion.

● Kapha Dosha for water and earth which gives structure.

When Ayurveda is considered for the treatment of Cancer, it aims nothing but the Doshas or combination of Doshas. Some Ayurvedic studies show that accumulation of cell growth is because of Dosha imbalance in the body, which can be prevented and treated. The disease is caused in the body when there is an imbalance of Doshas in the body. Ayurveda tries to treat the Doshas imbalance by various means.

One crucial key factor in the treatment of Cancer is prevention. Cancer can be cured with the help of Ayurveda by changing lifestyle and eating habits. Add more leafy vegetables in the diet, follow a strict exercise regime, and shun the bad habits. Slight changes in the lifestyle and use of Ayurvedic massages, meditation, and medicine, can cure Cancer. There are certain studies which suggest that Ayurveda not only help in the prevention and treatment of Cancer but also helps in the overall change in the quality of living life. Some of the world famous Ayurvedic modalities for fighting Cancer include Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Basti, and Panchakarma.

Why should you go for ayurveda to treat cancer?

Ayurveda has a solution for all the deadliest diseases in the world, and cancer is one of them. Ayurvedic medicines produce best results when the body needs to flush out the toxins. Every cancer patient can get a new life if he/she visits a good Ayurveda practitioner and religiously follow the suggested treatment. 


Cancer can be treated by ayurvedic medicines or remedies in its initial stage. However, it is advisable to consult an ayurvedic specialist before opting for ayurvedic treatment of cancer. Although, severe condition of cancer will need to be treated with other treatment methods.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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