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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Benign Hypertrophy Of Prostate!

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Dr. Jyoti SinghHomeopathy Doctor • 12 Years Exp.BHMS, MA Psychology & Traning Counselling
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What Is Bhp?
Benign Hypertrophy Of Prostate Is A Condition In Which There Is Enlargement Of Prostate Gland As Men Get Older Which Is A Part Of Aging. But It Becomes A Problem When The Enlarged Prostate Starts To Show Symptoms.

The Prostate Surrounds A Part Of Urethra In Males Which Carries Urine And Semen To Penis. When The Prostate Is Enlarged It Compresses The Urethra Thus Causing Blockage To The Flow Of Urine.

Bhp Is A Benign Condition Thus It Is Not Related To Or Cause Cancer But Both Conditions Can Occur Together As Well.

Risk Factors
Age: Bhp Is Rarely Seen In Men Before Their 40S. Thus The Enlarged Prostate Shows Symptoms Usually After 60 Years Of Age.
Family History: Having Family History Of Bhp Makes You More Prone To Have The Condition.
Diabetes: Also Increases The Predisposition To Enlargement Of Prostate.
Heart Diseases: Also Increases Chances To Have Bhp.
Obesity: In Obese There Are Chances That You Might End Up Having The Symptoms Of Bhp.
Lack Of Exercise: If You Would Exercise Regularly Chances Of Having Bhp Is Less.


Sudden Retention Of Urine: In Some Cases, There Is Sudden Retention Of Urine Due To Inability To Pass Urine Thus Causing Great Discomfort. In Such Cases, There Is Need To Insert Catheter To Empty Bladder. Sometimes Even Surgery Is Required To Empty Bladder.
Urinary Tract Infection: Due To Retention Of Urine There Are Increased Chances Of Developing Uti.
Bladder Stones: Due To Inability To Empty Bladder There Are Chances Of Stones In Bladder Due To Formation Of Concretions Caused By Concentration Of Urine.
Bladder Weakness: Due To Retention Of Urine Frequently The Bladder Muscles Become Weak And Thus Lose The Ability To Contract Over Time.
Damage To Kidneys: Full Bladder Causes Back Flow Of Urine To The Kidneys And Can Also Lead To Migration Of Infection To The Kidneys Which Would Cause Damage To The Kidneys.

Symptoms & Causes

Frequent Urination

Urgency To Urinate

​Increased Urge To Urinate Especially At Night.

Weak And Feeble Stream Of Urine.

Inability To Empty Bladder Thus Causing Unsatisfactory Feeling

Dribbling Of Urine At Beginning And End Of Urination.

Urinary Tract Infection Causing Burning Micturition, Pain In Lower Abdomen Etc.

Sometimes The Patient If Not Able To Pass Urine At All Thus Causing Retention Of Urine.

Occasionally Blood Is Also Seen In Urine.


The Exact Cause Of Enlargement Of Prostate Is Not Known But It Is Seen That It Is An Age-Related Process So Hormones Are Thought To Play Role In Bhp.

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