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Anxiety Disorder - 4 Reasons You Should Get It Fixed Immediately!

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Anxiety Disorder - 4 Reasons You Should Get It Fixed Immediately!

Everyone feels anxious at some point of time or another. However, simply feeling anxious is quite different from what people with anxiety disorder feel on a daily basis. A number of conditions can be termed as anxiety disorders and all of them have an underlying trigger, which causes the nervousness, fear and terror, in certain situations.

However, people often disregard anxiety disorders as simple nervousness. Here are some reasons why anxiety disorders can be extremely serious and warrant immediate attention.

• Anxiety can cause chest pains

Anxiety disorders can cause severe chest pains in people who do not receive treatment for the condition. Over time, anxiety can lead to a condition known as coronary ischemia, which is responsible for the tightness in the chest. Apart from the chest pains, the anxiety can also cause back and headaches.

• Anxiety can lead to heart disease

People suffering from anxiety disorders are also much more likely to develop increased heart rate. Heart attack and hypertension risks also increase with the continuous anxiety. A survey suggests that anxiety increases the chances of death from heart-related disorders by a whopping 48%.

• Development of depression

Anxiety disorders are often so severe that it prevents people from having a good night’s sleep. The constant fear and tension can be difficult to bear. Additionally, if your anxiety results from a deep-rooted social phobia, you may also be unable to interact and mix with people around you, leading you to become isolated. All of these factors can cause depression, which may require separate treatment.

• Inability to concentrate

Since the mind is constantly focused on the reason for the anxiety, patients may be unable to focus on the day-to-day happenings around them. For instance, a student may be unable to study, while an employee will be unable to deliver work properly due to the lack of concentration.

Therefore, it is evident that anxiety disorders can play spoilsport with your life, which is why you need to seek proper treatment for the condition and not disregard the problem. While there are certain medications to control your anxiety attacks, most doctors these days recommend therapeutic treatment to help you cope with the condition.

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