Anal Fistula - Why Is Graded Ksharsutra Therapy Better Than Surgery/VAAFT?

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Anal Fistula - Why Is Graded Ksharsutra Therapy Better Than Surgery/VAAFT?

Anal fistula presents itself as a nodular swelling in perianal region. Off and on pus discharge is also seen from this swelling. When pus gets accumulated it gives rise to pain which subsides once the pus discharges out. Usually surgery (Fistulectomy/ VAAFT/ MAFT/ Laser etc.) is advised to manage Anal Fistula. But it is not a good choice as the chances of recurrence of Fistula are very high after these procedures. Whereas Anal Fistula can be completely treated by Graded KsharsutraTM Treatment.

Clinical trials conducted by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) at AIIMS - New Delhi and PGI - Chandigarh; have confirmed that Ksharsutra treatment is more convenient and more effective than surgery in patients suffering from Anal Fistula.

What is Graded KsharsutraTM Therapy? How does it Works?

The Ksharsutra therapy is a specialized procedure of Ayurvedic surgery. Ayurvedic surgeon has to first evaluate the anal fistula by clinical examination and if required MRI Fistulogram may be done. Graded KsharsutraTM treatment involves the use of a specialized medicated thread which is placed in Fistula tract. Before placing the Graded KsharsutraTM; it is mandatory to define the fistulous tract properly by careful probing and MRI Fistulogram.

Medicine released from Graded KsharsutraTM debrides the fistula tract and induces healing. This medicine works for 5-7 days. So, old Ksharsutra needs to be replaced by a new one at a week or 10 days interval till fistula heals completely.

Why Graded KsharsutraTM Therapy Better Than Surgery/VAAFT?

• In appox. 20% cases fistula recurs after surgery however chances of recurrence of Fistula after Graded KsharsutraTM Therapy are predictably NIL.

• Fistula surgery is done under spinal or general anesthesia. So, anesthesia related complications like headache, backache, effect on brain, urinary retention etc. are usually seen while Graded KsharsutraTM is done under local anesthesia which is comparatively safe and there is no complication in it.

• Complications like stool incontinence (inability to hold stool) etc. are seen in surgery. Such complications are not seen in Graded KsharsutraTM Therapy.

• Other complications like pain, bleeding, infection etc. are also seen after surgery. There is no fresh tissue injury in Graded KsharsutraTM so such complications are not seen.

• Hospitalization is necessary in surgery for Anal Fistula. However, Graded KsharsutraTM Therapy is an OPD procedure and hospitalization is not necessary.

• Surgery is followed by bed rest. Bed rest is not required in Graded KsharsutraTM Therapy and patient can continue his normal daily routine activities as usual during this treatment.

• Graded KsharsutraTM Treatment is also more economical and convenient than Surgery.

Therefore, patients suffering from Anal Fistula are advised to SAY NO TO SURGERY and opt for a better treatment i.e. Graded KsharsutraTM.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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