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Anal Fissure - Say No To Surgery!

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M.S. (Ayurveda), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
General Surgeon, Delhi  •  35years experience
Anal Fissure - Say No To Surgery!

Anal Fissure is a small tear in the anal area. This can happen due to injury while passing hard formed stool or even by a repeated bowel motion. It may be very painful especially at the time of passing hard stool. Here we try to find out a way to treat anal fissure without any surgery.

Symptoms of Anal Fissure

Most commonly sought symptoms in Anal Fissure are as given below:

  1. A noticeable tear in the skin close to the anus.
  2. Cutting or burning pain in the anal passage while passing stool which may persist for a considerable time
  3. Sometimes the pain is so severe that the patient stops eating in an attempt to avoid defecation to avoid pain
  4. Bloodstains on stools may also be there
  5. If not treated in time; skin starts growing from the lower end of the fissure to form a tag known as sentinel tag/sentinel piles.
  6. At times; sentinel tag may get inflamed.

Causes of Anal Fissure

  1. Passage of hard stool through the anus.
  2. Chronic Diarrhoea
  3. Trauma to the anus and anal canal like during childbirth
  4. Inflammation in the anus because of Crohn's disease or some other inflammatory disease

Anal Fissure - Say No To Surgery!

Now you can treat Anal Fissure without surgery for that, you can did changes in your diet and even some Ayurveda treatment used to treat anal fissure problems.

Anal Fissure Diet: High fiber diet like green leafy vegetables, salads, fruits like papaya, chikku are advised. Resins with milk can also be taken at night. Adequate quantity of liquids especially buttermilk is advised. Banana, apple, etc. should be avoided.

Graded Kshar Karma & Ksharsutra: Anal Fissure can be completely treated by Graded Kshar Karma and Ksharsutra treatment. In acute anal fissure; stool softener along with Graded Kshar Karma is advised. In this treatment; Graded Kshar - a specialized Ayurvedic medicine is applied in the fissure region. This medicine debrides fissure and induces healing. Usually, the pain subsides in a week or 10 days time period when fissure is still in the healing phase.

Considering pain has subsided, some patients discontinue the treatment to further aggravate and complicate the problem. For complete healing of anal fissure usually, 3-5 Graded Kshar Karma sittings are required at a weekly interval. In between these weekly sittings patients are advised to apply for certain medicines in the anal passage by themselves. If anal fissure has progressed to the development of sentinel tag then Graded Ksharsutra TM treatment is the treatment of choice.

In this ayurvedic treatment, Graded Ksharsutra TM is ligated at the root of the sentinel tag. Ayurvedic Medicine released from Ksharsutra blocks the blood supply of sentinel tag and it sheds off in a week or 10 days time period. No hospitalization or bed rest is required in this ayurvedic treatment. The patient can continue his normal routine activities as usual during his treatment. So, you can say no to surgery in an Anal fissure.

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