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Affect of Diabetes on Kidney

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Dr. Hanish Gupta 92% (1996 ratings)
MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)
General Physician, Delhi  •  17 years experience
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Diabetes is the major cause of Kidney Disease!

Hello friends welcome back to Lybrate I am Dr Hanish Gupta and today I will be talking about diabetes and kidney diseases. Friends all over the world a large number of patients are started to have dialysis, a large number of patients are undergoing kidney failure. This hasn't happened suddenly but has happened because of 2 common causes known as diabetes and blood pressure. Diabetes forms the biggest cause of Kidney failure and kidney diseases and today for any stage of kidney illness diabetes is the number one cause for the people of USA. India is also fast approaching that scenario.

People believe that in diabetes when they get their kidney function test done and it comes out to be normal they think everything is fine which isn't the case. Kidney starts the sign of deterioration with diabetes very early on and it is very important for the Dr to detect if there is any kidney issue or not. The test required here is the urine test. In very early stage of diabetes there is microalbuminuria in urine which is the passage of protein from the body in very small amount, that is the result stage of kidney failure. That is also the right time to save further complications of kidney infection.

People keep in getting their kidney function test and believe their kidney is fine on the basis of that. But it is actually the urine ACR done by standardized methods in laboratories that gives the right diagnosis. The important thing is that not only test but also the signs and symptoms that tell us about the kidney condition. People believe that it is the amount of urine passage that decides this factor but the most important sign is swelling over the body. Simple signs like loss of appetite can also detail about kidney failure.When kidney has started deteriorating patient observed a tremendous amount of relief in sugar control, thus patient believes that diabetes condition is improving but that is not the case it is actually kidney deterioration that brings down the sugar level. The reason for this is  that insulin is eliminated from the kidney and when kidney is undergoing deterioration the time period for which insulin remains in the body increases which is called as increase in the half life of insulin. So with that points keep your kidneys healthy and keep diabetes under control.

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