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Acne - How Homeopathy Will Actually Help In Reducing The Flare-up?

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Acne - How Homeopathy Will Actually Help In Reducing The Flare-up?

Acne eruptions, especially on the face, cheeks, and chin can be quite depressing and annoying. Known to be an inflammatory skin condition, the problem of acne surfaces when there is an increased production of sebum (due to over-activity of the sebaceous glands). Produced in excess, sebum along with the dead skin debris, dirt, clog the hair follicles present on the skin. The clogged follicles act as a catalyst facilitating the growth of the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), the bacteria responsible for acne and pimples. Though mostly seen among teenagers and adolescents, acne problems can also affect the adults.

In many conditions, the problem of acne is found to worsen with increased androgen production and disruption of the hormonal balance (especially during pregnancy or women who are into oral contraceptives). People with a family history also need to be alert as they are more susceptible to the acne problems. Though not triggers, some factors such as stress, unhealthy diet, increased use of make-ups can aggravate the condition. Thus, in spite of not being a threatening condition, acne problems should be treated at the earliest.

Homeopathy for a long-lasting relief from Acne
While there can be different types of acne (Acne vulgaris, Acne rosacea, Acne keloidalis nuchae, Acne conglobata, to name a few), the Homeopathic approach is the same, identifying and eliminating the underlying trigger for acne, thereby, benefiting the affected individual wholly. If the natural medicines used in the treatment deals with the acne problems sans any complications and side-effects, the necessary modifications in the food and lifestyle ensure that the positive results of the Homeopathic treatment are neither superficial nor short-lived.

  • It doesn't hurt to practice a healthy skin care routine. Clean the face at least twice daily (morning and evening) with a mild face wash. For better results, use a face wash that suits your skin type. Always make it a habit to remove every trace of make-ups from the face before going to sleep. For those already suffering from acne, the use of strong chemicals or make-ups is a big NO.
  • It is not without reason that homeopaths stress the importance of a sound sleep and proper rest. A good night's sleep of about 6-8 hours can go a long way to fight stress, anxiety, and related problems.
  • Believe it or not, but your dietary habits can improve or worsen the acne. Skimmed milk or foods rich in carbohydrates can aggravate acne. Research also suggests that uncontrolled binging on chocolates can also trigger deleterious consequences.
  • In addition to the pain and discomfort, in some cases, the acne is also filled with blood and pus (pustular acne and mostly affecting the teenagers and young adults). Such individuals often benefit from the use of Hepar Sulph.
  • If the pustular acne appears especially on the cheeks, followed by a burning sensation, redness, and heat around the acne, the use of Antimonium Crudum provides immense relief.

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