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Last Updated: Apr 19, 2024

9 Benefits of Cow Urine

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Cow Urine is used for purposes of therapy in traditional Indian medicine and is called Gomutra. The use of cow urine for therapeutic purposes has a long history in Indian culture. In India, the cow is considered to be a sign of spirituality. Urine from a cow that is pregnant is believed to contain special minerals and hormones that offer lots of health benefits. It should be noted that cow urine therapy is not a nourishing process. Instead, it is cleansing and detoxifying in nature. Here try to figure out some health benefits of cow urine for skin and hair and more.

Pharmaceutical Benefits of Gomutra or Cow Urine

Check out these health benefits of gomutra, since it is used in ayurvedic treatment also, some other benefits are given below:

  1. Cow Urine is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of cancer and leprosy.
  2. Anemia can be treated using a mixture containing Triphala (Ayurvedic herbal Rasayana formula made of three equal parts of Bibhitaki, Haritaki, and Amalaki), Cow milk, and Gomutra. The mixture is known as Mahayograj Guggul.
  3. Cow Urine is used in the treatment of fever. A mixture that contains Gomutra along with ghee, yogurt, and black pepper is used. Sore throats can be treated by gargling a mixture of cow urine distillate along with honey and turmeric powder.
  4. Another benefit of cow urine is that a mixture of daruharidra and gomutra can be used to treat epilepsy.
  5. In Nigeria, convulsions in children are treated using a concoction made of garlic, tobacco, rock salt, cow urine, and lemon basil juice.
  6. Gomutra is also helpful in the treatment of peptic ulcers, asthma, and certain liver ailments.
  7. Some Indian scientists from CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) received a US Patent for a mixture of cow urine distillate, which acts as an antibiotic. The purpose of cow urine is to behave like a bio-enhancer, which promotes the antimicrobial functions of antifungal and antibiotic agents.
  8. A US patent was acquired in 2010 by a research department of Deolapar and the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) for a drug based on gomutra, which validated its claims of being an anti-cancer drug. The mixture is claimed to prevent DNA damage caused by oxidation.
  9. A water extract of Daruharidra (Tree Turmeric) called Rasanjana is administered with cow urine as a medication to treat Kapha-originated skin diseases.

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