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5 Acts That Can Rid You of Dark Circles

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5 Acts That Can Rid You of Dark Circles

5 acts that can rid you of dark circles

Dark circles are a very common cause of concern for most people around the world. More than 50% of the world's females are troubled with dark circles as the major cause of affecting their beauty. If you are one of those women, here are 5 factors you must work on to rid yourself of dark circles.

1. Identify the type of dark circle that you have

Dark circles are mainly of three types, namely blue circles, brown circles and hyperpigmentation circles. To rid yourself of dark circles, it is extremely important for you to find out the type of dark circle that you have, because without knowing so, you can never find the appropriate remedy for your problem.

2. Detect the reason why you have dark circles under your eyes

Dark circles are caused due to a variety of reasons, ranging from hereditary causes to health and stress related reasons. Some of the common reasons why dark circles are caused include-

3. Find out what treatment suits you

Dark circles can be treated using a number of ways like natural aids, such as almond oil, rose water, lemon juice etc.; cosmetic surgical procedures; use of creams and lotions; use of a dermal filler or laser therapy and so on and so forth. You need to search for the appropriate cure for your problem.

4. Be aware of the side effects

Another important factor that you must consider while trying to get rid of your dark circles is to be aware of the side effects that can be caused by the treatment that you are opting for. Certain creams and lotions can cause itching, swelling or stinging. Light therapy may result in temporary puffiness. You must discuss with a physician your skin type and the possible side effects because that would be a more effective way to address the problem.

5. Ensure a proper lifestyle for yourself

Getting rid of dark circles cannot happen simply by treating the problem from the outside. You must also make sure to eliminate all the self-induced causes of your dark circles. It is important for you to quit excessive smoking, drinking and other personal habits that may be the root cause of your predicament. You must also make certain that you get adequate sleep and learn to manage stress.


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