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Why Visit Your Dermatologist In Case Of Rashes?

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Why Visit Your Dermatologist In Case Of Rashes?

Whether your complexion is fair or dark, almost everyone suffers from a rash at some point of time of the other. A rash can be described as a change in colour of texture of the skin. Most rashes are not life threatening. Skin rashes can be triggered by bacterial, vital or fungal infections and respond well to over the counter topical medication or oral antihistamines. May rashes are also triggered by a change in weather conditions and humidity or dry skin. However, there are some instances where a rash should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted.

When a rash is accompanied by other symptoms
As a general rule of thumb, a rash that is accompanied by fever, muscle aches, crams etc should not be ignored. In such cases the rash is usually a symptom of a larger problem such as measles, scarlet fever and shingles or an allergic reaction.

  • Rashes that do not respond to medication: Rashes can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to completely heal but regular use of topical creams and oral antihistamines should how improvements in a day or two. Any rash that does not respond to topical ointments and continues to spread to other parts of your body must be shown to a doctor at once.
  • Widespread rashes: Most rashes are localized and restricted to a small area. Widespread rashes are usually a sign of allergies and need medical attention. Rashes that emerge suddenly should also be shown to a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Painful rashes: While itchiness may be commonly associated with many types of rashes, pain is a symptom of a bigger problem. Painful rashes should be immediately shown to a doctor.
  • Rashes that become infected: Rashes that itch may cause scratching that can lead to added infections. Hence, ideally, a rash should never be scratched. Swelling, yellow or green discharge, crusting, warmth in the area around the rash and red streaks radiating out from the rash are signs of infections.
  • A rash that begins to blisterMost rashes only cause bump on the surface of the skin. If these bumps turn into blisters or open sores, medical attention should be immediately sought. This is especially necessary in cases where the rash is around the eyes, mouth or genitals. A blistering rash may be due to an allergic reaction, reaction to medication or an internal trigger.

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