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This is Dr. Premendra Goyal. Why do we most often end up in the dental clinic? Bruise tooth-get the tooth out, painful tooth- do a root canal, broken tooth-pray to God. What else can you do? And that’s the main cause a lot of people have phobia about dental treatment. In past few years lot of changes have been taken place in dentistry. Where we have gone from reactive to preventive dentistry. No one can undermined the value of regular checkups, regular brushing, and regular flossing. As the proverb goes “prevention is better than cure” or maybe a “stitch in time saves nine”. What does a regular checkup do? Scientific studies proof that a cavity can start in as less than 3 to 4 months. Once got on time these cavities can be treated in time before it reach the nerve inside your tooth causing pain. There are lot of other preventive treatments available which will help your children be cavity free for a long time. Something like a fluoride application, or something called as Patent Fissure sealants which can seal the groused in early immature or permanent tooth wherein cavity don’t progress at all. So think of prevention rather than treating a problem once it does become big. So in today’s time you don’t need to be suffering, scientific studies again have proven that a bad oral hygiene can lead to lot of complications with a general health, may be heart disease, arthritis, diabetes so in the benefit of your overall health look at regular dental visits, regular cleaning up your teeth and you should lead a very healthy life.

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