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Ways In Which Homeopathy Gets Into Roots To Cure Diabetes!

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Ways In Which Homeopathy Gets Into Roots To Cure Diabetes!

When it comes to long-term diseases that cannot be cured but need to be managed, homoeopathy is often a preferred form of medication. This is because medication in such conditions needs to be taken for extended periods of time and homoeopathy has negligible side effects. Homeopathy is also suitable for children and adults alike and can be taken alongside other medication without affecting it. Diabetes is one such condition that can benefit from homoeopathic treatment. Homeopathy does not address only the symptoms that can be seen but affects the root cause of the disease. Here are a few ways homoeopathy addresses the root cause of diabetes.

  • It helps manage blood sugarFluctuating blood sugar levels is the most characteristics symptom of diabetes. Instead of waiting for your blood sugar level to increase or decrease, taking homoeopathic medication regularly can help stabilise blood sugar levels. Some common homoeopathic remedies that aid in this are Uranium Nitricum, Syzygium Jambolanum, Cephalandra Indica and Phosphoric Acid. Biochemical combinations such as bio combination No. 7 and Natrum Phos 3x that help regulate the natural salts in the body can also help stabilise blood sugar.
  • It is a combination of holistic and individualistic medication: When prescribing homoeopathic remedies a doctor will take into account not only the disease and its symptoms but the mental, emotional and overall health of the person. While stress may be increasing one person’s urge to snack and thereby lead to spikes in blood sugar levels, anxiety may decrease another person’s appetite and hence lead to dips in the blood sugar levels. These conditions are taken into account at the time of consultation and homoeopathy may be prescribed to manage these causes and thereby regulate blood sugar levels. Thus, two people suffering from diabetes may not be treated with the same medication. this is one of the factors that makes homoeopathic treatment safe for children and infants.
  • It is a constitutional form of treatment: Homoeopaths also give importance to the patients’ past medical history and their family history. This helps them understand the genesis of the disease and treat it accordingly. In doing this homoeopathic medication is able to treat underlying causes of the disease as well as improve the person’s overall health. When it comes to diabetes, homoeopathic medication not only helps stabilise blood sugar levels but also improves the body’s ability to absorb and metabolise sugar and helps all the internal organs function optimally.

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