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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Want Beautiful Legs? You Can Opt for Vein Removal Therapy

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Dr. Aman SharmaDermatologist • 17 Years Exp.DNB (Dermatology), Fellowship in Skin & Lasers, MBBS, Masters of Dermatology (M.Derm)
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Every woman wishes for great legs they can flaunt in tiny shorts and skirts whenever they feel like it. The greatest impediment to this freedom, however, is unattractive spider and varicose veins that make legs lose their aesthetic value and limit women from enjoying experimenting with short outfits. Not only do these veins look unattractive on legs, but they are quite painful as well. The good news is that modern medicine has enabled doctors to use the body's own healing mechanisms to amend the problem. Doctors can now employ the use of laser treatments and injections to provide quick relief to patients. What's more, these treatments can be addressed easily in a doctor's office and require short visits, and you can walk comfortably out of the doctor's office on your own (learn more about varicose veins).

How it works
Minimally invasive laser treatments and injections are used to collapse and then shrink the affected veins. Thereafter, the veins are then absorbed into the tissue that underlay this, and will bring a clear effect such that all the visible traces will be gone. The surrounding healthy veins will then take control and restore the normal circulation of the body. While there might be some little bruising noticed, it will only last temporarily.

Options available
Today the treatments for these veins are improved and what's more, the process is much more comfortable. This is unlike the past where thick, uncomfortable, elastic compression socks were used to relieve pain and the procedures involved a surgery where veins are stripped out of the leg and patients are put under anesthetics. The options that are available today include endovenous laser ablation where a map around the abnormal vein is created with ultrasound, a catheter inserted into the vein and a laser carefully passed through the catheter generating a controlled amount of heat that will seal the vein and redirect blood to the healthy vessels. There is injection sclerotherapy where a pharmaceutical liquid is injected into the vein that will cause the vessels walls to adhere and then seal shut and the blood instantly gets directed to healthier veins while the treated vein disappears. Laser sclerotherapy is reserved for tiny superficial veins and may not get injected.

While there is no cure for varicose veins, a doctor can prescribe post treatment instructions that will minimize the chances of a patient getting the veins again. Things like managing diet, exercise and good lifestyle choices are among them. Also routine monitoring is the key to preventing future reoccurrences. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult the doctor and ask a free question.