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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2023

Homeopathic Medicine for Vitiligo or White Patches Treatment

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Dr. Jeevangouda KopparadHomeopathy Doctor • 13 Years Exp.M.D (HOMEOPATHY), MBA (Healthcare)
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Vitiligo or White patches is medically referred to as Leucoderma. It is a disease that causes loss of skin colour resulting in white patches. It can affect the skin on any part of the human body. It occurs when the melanin-forming cells called melanocytes which produce melanin die or stop functioning. The condition is not life-threatening or contagious, but it is stressful and makes one feel bad about oneself.

The main sign of vitiligo is the loss of skin pigment which produces light or white patches on the skin. The discoloration is first visible on sun-exposed areas like the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips. It can also be coupled with premature greying of hair below the age of mid-thirties, colour loss of retina, and inner lining of the mouth.

Vitiligo Treatment in Homeopathy

Vitiligo has no cure, but homeopathic treatment help to stop or slow the process of colour loss and brings back some colour to the skin. The failure of melanocytes can be attributed to a disorder in which immune system attacks and destroys them. It can also be triggered by sunburn, stress, or exposure to industrial chemicals. People with vitiligo are at risk of Social or psychological distress, loss of hearing, sunburn, and skin cancer, inflammation of the iris, and dry skin.

The homeopathic treatment enhances the natural production of pigments and Vitiligo is considered as a manifestation of an inner disturbed state of the body. The patient is analyzed on mental, physical, and familial attributes.

The homeopathy medication is then based on the results. Arsenic Sulph Falvus, Arsenic Album, Baryta Mur, and Baryta Carb are known to give good results in Vitiligo. Vitiligo is a chronic disorder and it takes a long time even with the best of the homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathic Medicine for Vitiligo Treatment

Here we create a list of homeopathic remedies or medicine for white patches problem or vitiligo treatment. These medicines are prescribed according to the condition of the patient and these remedies offer no side effects and non addiction in nature:

  1. Calcarea Carb: This effective homeopathic medicine prescribed to patients of Vitiligo with milky white spots on skin. It is prescribed to free perspiration over the head, neck, and chest and persons with intolerance to cold weather.
  2. Arsenic Album: Use this homeopathy medicine for white patches, It is a useful remedy for vitiligo in persons prone to dry, rough skin. The skin complaint coupled with asthma is a strong contender for using homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album.
  3. Sepia is prescribed for vitiligo in persons showing unresponsive attitude towards family and life
  4. Silicea: Homeopathic medicine for white spots on skin is prescribed for vitiligo patients with pale and waxy skin, a tendency to excessive perspiration. If the main mind symptom is timidity and an under-confident nature, then Silicea is a good choice. It is known to work on patients who seem under-confident, fear public speaking.
  5. Sulphur: Vitiligo treatment in homeopathy is possible using sulphur as it goes deep inside the basic root cause to exterminate the disease. The persons requiring homeopathic medicine Sulphur show a mind constantly occupied with various theories and plans due to which they suffer from mental fatigue and absent-mindedness.

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