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Twin Pregnancy

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Twin Pregnancy

Female Infertility refers to the condition of infertility occurring in female human beings. It is estimated that female infertility affects about 48 millions women all around the world. It can be defined as the condition in which the woman is trying to get pregnant for a at least a year but is not being able to do so.Female infertility can vary based on geographic location. Some of the regions with highest rate of female infertility are North Africa, Eastern Europe, Oceania and Sub- Saharan Africa.Causes- The causes of female infertility can can be classified into different fields based on the certain factors like if it is acquired or genetic.

  • Acquired factors: In case of acquired female infertility there are certain factors which can cause infertility among women. These are age, sexually transmitted infections, smoking or being underweight or overweight. Any factor which causes infertility in a woman and is not based on genetic factors can be termed as acquired factors causing female infertility.
  • Age can also be a factor causing infertility. A woman is at the peak of her fertility when she is in her early and mid twenties but after this period fertility starts to decline and gets accelerated after the age of 35.
  • Tobacco smoking is also a major cause for infertility among women. Smoking tobacco harms the ovaries.
  • Genetic factors: Certain mutations in genes can cause infertility among women.

Symptoms- There are many signs and symptoms which indicate that a woman may be having infertility. Some of the major signs and symptoms are:

  • Irregular periods: Women who tend to have irregular periods can have infertility. When the irregularity is so much that the woman is not even able to estimate when her period will arrive then this can be regarded as a sign of infertility.
  • Hormone fluctuations: The signs of hormone fluctuations which result in infertility can be issues related to the skin, growth of facial hair, reduced sex drive and weight gain.
  • Experiencing pain during sex: Extreme pain during sex is not normal but many women are not aware of this and think that this is normal. But painful sex can be an indication of infertility.

Diagnosis- Female infertility can be diagnosed on the basis of:

  • Blood test or urine test to check if there is any infection or other underlying problem.
  • Examination of the pelvis.
  • Examining samples of cervical mucus and tissue to find out if there is occurence of ovulation.
  • Ultrasound to examine the ovaries and the uterus.

Treatment- Female infertility can be treated using the following methods:

  • Minor surgery for the removal of any blockage or scar tissues.
  • Use of supplements which enhance fertility in women.
  • Using antibiotics to cure any infection causing infertility.
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