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Tuberculosis - How It Is Affecting The Urban Population?

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Tuberculosis - How It Is Affecting The Urban Population?

Tuberculosis is one of the most serious infectious diseases and can easily spread from one person to another when the virus enters the air through a sneeze or a cough. The disease is partly preventable by vaccines. It was once upon a time quite rare, but today has become quite common in urban areas. The emergence of HIV is one of the main reasons for this. HIV is an immune system disorder that weakens the body’s ability to fight back against infections. With time, the virus causing the disease has evolved and become resistant to many drugs used to treat it.

Tuberculosis is also more commonly seen in slum areas of the cities. This is because of a lack of ventilation and living in close proximity that makes it easy for the disease to spread from one person to another. Limited access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation also reduces immunity and increases the risk of tuberculosis.

To control the spread of tuberculosis, it is important to treat it and keep away from other people while being treated. People also need to be made aware of the disease and its symptoms. It is important for the general public to understand that tuberculosis can be treated. They should also be informed that treatment of tuberculosis is free. As with most chronic diseases, the earlier treatment is started, the easier it is.

Thus, if you notice any of the early symptoms of tuberculosis such as

Then, you must consult a doctor immediately.

Tuberculosis can be diagnosed through a simple skin test or blood test. In terms of the skin test, the results can take up to 72 hours. It is important to note that this test is not foolproof as it can give a false positive or false negative result. For this reason, this may be followed by a blood test. Treatment for tuberculosis takes the form of oral antibiotics. The disease is no longer contagious after the medication is taken for a few weeks.

However, taking the full course of medication is essential to stopping medication early can make the bacteria resistant to the drug. Tuberculosis caused by drug-resistant bacteria is much harder to treat.
Thus, to reduce the number of cases of tuberculosis in urban areas, people must be made aware of the disease and its treatment. Proper sanitation and ventilation in their living areas should also be provided.

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