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Treating Skin Injuries And Burns With Ayurveda's Help!

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Treating Skin Injuries And Burns With Ayurveda's Help!

Skin injuries encompass a wide range of light to serious conditions that can cause you pain. Among them, burns are probably of the most severe variety. Instead of using conventional treatments that leave scars and marks, would you like to use Ayurveda, that can naturally heal without any side effects? If the answer is yes, read on to find out how you can do so.

Causes of Burns:

Risks of burns are everywhere, from home to the streets, in the form of:

  1. Kitchen fires: Fires from cooking equipment like gas ovens can cause damage ranging from small burns on the cook to fires that can bring down a whole house.
  2. Electric cable fires: short circuits and breakages in electric wires lead to fires that can potentially be very destructive.
  3. Street accidents: accidents on streets, collision between vehicles, can lead to ignition of petrol tanks, leading to large fires causing burns.

Types of Burns:

Burns are categorized into types based on degree of severity, into the following types:

  1. First degree burns: these are the mildest variety, generally only causing a visible redness on the skin surface.
  2. Second degree burns: This is more severe than the previous, and causes blisters and swells on the skin surface along with visible redness. In both these cases, skin retains its normal colour or turns faintly whitish at maximum.
  3. Third degree burns: the most severe category of burns, characterised by numbness and disfigurement of skin. Skin may turn black, whitish or look completely like charcoal, burned and black, in appearance.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Burns:

Ayurveda offers a whole host of treatment procedures for healing burns, such as:

  1. Application of ghee: Using ghee made from cow milk in combination with extracts from barks of Pipal and Bargad trees create a useful remedy to treat burns. Just make a paste of these 3 ingredients and apply on the area.
  2. Application of cucumber juice: Cucumber juice is highly useful in treating burns, both in combination with water and with carrot juice and aloe vera paste.
  3. Honey and coconut oil: When used in equal amounts, honey and coconut oil is excellent remedy for burn treatment.

Burns are painful injuries, and there is nothing better than Ayurveda to treat it – no risk of side effects at all. Try to stay safe and avoid burns altogether, but if you do have any, use these remedies to get relief.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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