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Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies For Chilblains!

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Top 9 Homeopathic Remedies For Chilblains!

Chilblains, often known as pernio, is an inflammation in blood vessels of your skin due to continuous exposure to cold, and humid climate. It is a type of skin disorder, which shows symptoms like burning and painful swelling and redness on the skin. Intense itching and burning sensation are present in the patient and worsen with the exposure to cold weather. Chilblains are basically a type of ulcer which is affected by extremities, when an individual who is susceptible to cold is exposed to humid or cold weather. The inflammation of skin may get aggravated, thereby forming blisters. Mostly, the commonly affected areas are nose, ears, toes and fingers.


  • Extreme ulcer
  • Redness on skin and nose
  • Inflammation on finger, toe and ear
  • Intense burning pain and itching

The external cause of chilblains is exposure to cold. Apart from this, poor health condition and weak peripheral circulation can also trigger the disease. In most cases, the patient’s condition worsens with a change in weather.

Patients suffering from chilblains should always follow some precautions such as:

  • Wearing warm clothes to keep their feet, hands, and ear warm.
  • Improving overall health
  • Washing hands and feet with lukewarm water
  • Avoiding exposure to humid or cold weather
  • Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly

Homeopathic medicines have proven to be helpful enough for curing chilblains without recurrences. Here are the nine best homeopathic medicines for treating this disease:

  1. Abrotanum: This medicine works well when the patient has symptoms like flabby and purplish skin after eruption, itching sensation, stomach upset and constipation etc.
  2. Agaricus: This is one of the best homeopathic remedies for chilblains with symptoms like burning and itching sensation with pain and headache. The situation worsens after consuming alcohol or when exposed to cold.
  3. Borax: This medicine works well on extreme dry and rough skin, which is prone to developing red areola and white pimples.
  4. Calendula: This medicine works well on chilblains, which develop after an injury with extreme ulcer and discharge of pus. Itching and pain usually worsen at night.
  5. Hepar sulph: This homeopathic medicine is best for chilblains, which has a tendency to develop cracks. The patient feels better with warm applications and worse in exposure to cold air or cold application. Additionally, patients tend to become oversensitive, both mentally and physically.
  6. Lachesis: It works well on chilblains, which tend to develop ulcer with a bluish-black or bluish-red discoloration on the skin. There is intense itching and burning sensation during sleep.
  7. Petroleum: This remedy is helpful when you suffer from chilblains, which are painful and include intense itching, dryness on feet and hand, and watery discharge from eruption.
  8. Rhus-ven: It works best on chilblains with redness and burning sensation. The patient feels worse in warm weather, and feels better on exposure to cold.
  9. Sulphur: This medicine works on chilblains which have symptoms like extreme burning and itching sensation, sensitivity to cold air and wind, as well as dry and chapped skin.

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