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Tofu vs Cottage Cheese - Which is Better?

Dt. Uma Maheshwari 89% (170 ratings)
MPhil ( Foods and Nutrition), M.Sc.(Food Service Management and Dietetics)
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Bangalore  •  17 years experience
Tofu vs Cottage Cheese - Which is Better?

Tofu is produced using soybean drain and appears to be like paneer. Though paneer can be effectively be made at home by souring milk, planning of tofu is not as basic. The complicated procedure of making tofu makes it rich in certain nutrients and protein and successfully helps in warding off illnesses like cancer. Here is how paneer and tofu are different:

  1. Protein content: Paneer is an astonishing source of protein for vegetarians. 100 grams of paneer contains 18 grams of protein, which makes it an astounding source of protein for vegans. It is also perfect for individuals on a weight loss diet or those who want to develop muscles. Tofu then again has just seven grams of protein as it is produced using soy drain.
  2. Fat substance: Although paneer is referred to be a weight reduction agent and it also keeps you full for quite a while, the fat per 100 grams of paneer is 20 grams, which rate higher than tofu as it just contains 2.5 grams of fat for each 100 grams. Tofu makes a great alternative for paneer for someone who is on a weight reduction spree, without compromising on the taste.
  3. Calories: Paneer is high on calories when compared with tofu. A 100 gram serving of paneer has 265 calories, while tofu just has 62 calories. This again shows its potential as a perfect weight reduction food.
  4. Calcium content: Tofu is additionally known to be a rich source of calcium. However, it neglects to beat paneer in this specific situation. A 100 gram serving of paneer has 200 grams of calcium, while tofu contains 130 milligrams of calcium, thereby making paneer more valuable to gain solid bones and teeth.
  5. Press content: Tofu is rich in iron, while paneer has less iron. Iron is basic to keep up the blood hemoglobin levels and tofu can be incorporated into the eating routine by somebody who experiences paleness.

Which is more beneficial?
With regards to the healthful data of both tofu and paneer, it appears that paneer can be substituted with tofu for somebody on a weight reduction routine. Maintaining distance from paneer totally would not be possible due to its other medical advantages like high protein and calcium content. Utilization of paneer with some restraint is better over totally disregarding it. Diabetics could change to tofu from paneer because of the starch content, although consulting a specialist before doing this is important. After comparing tofu and paneer, it is evident that those who do not look forward to losing weight and want to live a vegan life can go ahead and opt for tofu. However, paneer is a much healthier choice.

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