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Tips To Prevent UTI During Pregnancy

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Tips To Prevent UTI During Pregnancy

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is usually caused by inflammation or bacteria in the urinary tract. Pregnant mothers are most susceptible to this infection, especially after the sixth week and before the twenty fourth week of pregnancy. This usually happens due to the alterations that take place in the urinary tract during pregnancy.

Also, a growing uterus can block the urine drainage from this part of the body, leading to the accumulation of bacteria which causes infection. The symptoms are uncomfortable and even painful. These include pain and burning sensation, frequent urination, fever and chills. So how can you prevent UTI during pregnancy? we have a few tips for you!

  • Hydration: The best thing you can do to both prevent and treat a urinary tract infection is to start drinking at least six to eight glasses of water in a day. Another good way to prevent and treat UTIs is with the help of cranberry juice which has powerful antioxidants that flush toxins out of your system effectively. You will, however, need to ensure that the cranberry juice is fresh and natural, without any sweeteners.
  • Hygiene: Keeping yourself clean is one of the most important ways in which you can avoid UTI. It is best to clean from front to back, rather than the other way, so that you drive away bacteria and dirt. Also, make sure that you wash your private parts with warm water infused with a few drops of normal liquid antibacterial, so that you can be sure that the bacteria do not get a chance to thrive and affect your system. Also, remember to use soaps, washes and creams that have a mild formula, rather than a harsh chemical concoction. Hygiene for this area of the body includes keeping it dry.
  • Diet: Your diet should have plenty of fluids and lemons or other citrus food that are rich in vitamin c, as this is a good vitamin to keep bacteria at bay. Also, you should eliminate sweet and refined products to ensure that you do not contract UTI. Other foods to avoid include caffeine and alcohol.
  • Clothing: Wear airy and cotton based undergarments that are breathable and have a soft texture. This non abrasive type clothing can also help in keeping the area dry, so that bacteria does not get a chance to develop, as they typically need a damp environment for growth. Change your undergarments twice a day, if need be, and avoid wearing trousers and shorts that are too tight.

These tips and many others including urinating as soon as the urge sets in, can help in fighting the risk of contracting UTI during pregnancy.

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