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Spinal Problems In Children!

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Spinal Problems In Children!

Neck and back problems are frequently observed in children. It should be thoroughly investigated to block any possible disorder related to the spine. Problems are generally detected by a specialist. Age plays a crucial factor here. Spine problems can be divided as per age of the kid. Some common disorders faced by the children of age bracket 1-2 are as follows:

  1. Spine problems among infants: Infants can face problems related to the spine due to poor feeding and irritation. One common problem among many new-born is the subluxation of the spinal vertebrae.
  2. The process of birth: Many times a fixation and misalignment of the of the upper cervices occurs during the process of traction, rotation and lateral fixation of normal birth. Even in C-section deliveries, the trauma of the birth process can result in spine related problem.
  3. Falls: Falls are a common cause of spinal problems in kids. Babies in the age group of 1-2 can experience a fall while trying to walk, rolling off the bed, negotiating with an obstacle etc. It is, therefore, safe to consult a doctor regularly to ensure the safety of the babies’ spine.

Congenital Anomalies:
Congenital anomalies are the result of neurological deficits or physical deformity. This can be detected by a doctor after a baby is born. Some of the common problems include the following:

  1. Malformation of the spinal cord- This is a condition where the spinal cord tethers. This is a condition where the spinal cord is not able to grow because of the thickening of the filum terminal.
  2. Spina bifida: This condition results from a condition where the closure of spinal laminae gets limited. This condition can result in symptoms such as paralysis, sensory changes etc. This condition can be easily identified by doctors. It presents with a tuft of hair over the spine.
  3. Klippel: Feil syndrome: Fusion of several vertebrae results in this condition. The flexibility of the neck gets severely restricted because of this disorder. A person with a disorder such as this presents symptoms such as low hairline, short neck and limited range of motion.
  4. Malignancy: A tumour in the spinal cord may present with symptoms such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and torticollis. This disease is widely detected within the first four years of a person’s life.
  5. Meningitis: This is a condition which is caused by a bacteria known as staph aureus. Some common symptoms include drowsiness, fever, vomiting drowsiness, tense anterior fontanel, an extension of the neck and head etc.
  6. Diskitis: This is an infection related to the intervertebral disk. It is mostly witnessed in young children along the lines of the lumbar spine. A kid with this condition may find it difficult to stand, back pain and mild fever at all times.

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