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3T MRI Scan - Lumbar Spine Test

3T MRI Scan - Lumbar Spine Test

A 3T MRI scan or 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a common procedure which is used in diagnoses of the lumbar spine or other organ problems. Tesla is a unit of measurement of magnetic strength by the MRI machines. In this scanning procedure, the magnetic waves are used to produce detailed images of the spine regions. MRI scan is a painless procedure and is not invasive. It is a safer procedure which does not use radiation. A 3T MRI scan machine is, however, more expensive but produces better quality images at a faster pace. A patient has to lie on an examination table and then it slides inside an MRI machine which seems like a large doughnut.

You are required to fill in the safety form before the procedure begins. Some implants and special devices are very difficult to diagnose with an MRI. You are also asked to remove all the metal objects like jewelry, watches, or any other item before the MRI scan. You also need to carry the previous X-ray reports with yourself, if any. You also need to carry a prescription written by the doctor. You can have your regular diet before the MRI scan. If the radiologist or physician feels that there is a need for a contrast dye, then he might insert an IV in the vein before the MRI scan. The contrast agents and injections are safe and give better results in the scan.

3T MRI scan of the lumbar spine is helpful in many ways. Some are: It helps in detecting ruptured disc. The scanning procedure shows if any nerve is pressed by a disc. It also helps in detecting any abnormalities in the spinal canal and lets the doctor know if any surgery is required by you. It also helps in finding the tumor that may affect the nerves of the spine. It also helps in detecting the area of the spine in which blood supply is not proper. It is also helpful in detecting the persisting defects since birth.

During an MRI scan of the lumbar spine, a unique device is placed around the region. You need to lie down on the examination bed and then it slides inside the scanner and positions the lumbar spine in the center. During the scanning procedure, you are asked to remain still because if you move then the images will be blurred and the readability will be low. While scanning, you might hear loud tapping and knock sound, so headphones or earphones are provided for relief. Also, a buzzer is provided if you feel uncomfortable and needs to communicate with the staff. ,/p>

Rs 2000 - Rs 4000

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