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Sinusitis: Causes And Symptoms

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myself Dr. Vanshaj Goel practicing in Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad. Today I am going to talk about Sinusitis. Sinusitis is a inflammation of tissue lines. Healthy tissues are filled with air but when they become blocked and filled with fluids jumps grow and causes inflammation. Causes of sinusitis is common cold, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyp and deviated septum. Types: acute sinusitis, usually start in, start with cold like stuffing of nose or runny nose and facial pains. It can start suddenly, last four weeks. Subacute sinusitis usually six to eight weeks. And chronic sinusitis symptoms start from last twelve weeks. Who get it? Lot of persons about 35 millions have sinusitis a year, every year.

It basically because of swelling of nose, running nose, stuffed nose, blockage of nose or narrowing of nasal duct. Structure of narrowing of duct. Nasal polyps is a common symptom for sinusitis. Weak immune system. Common causes of sinusitis in children are allergies, illness from the kids, other kids at day-cares and schools. Smoking is the commonest factor for sinusitis. In acute sinusitis, facial pain, stuffing of nose, runny nose, loss of smell, cough and congestion. You can also facing fever, bad breath and dental pains. You may have greenish yellow nasal discharge. Chronic sinusitis, if it occurs last twelve weeks, there are blockage of nose, pus from naval cavity, fever, running nose. There is deviated nasal septum also occurs.

The commonest homeopathic medicines for this is Bryonia, Spigelia, lambda minora, Belladonna, Nux vomica. You can prevent yourself from sinusitis, don’t smoke, avoid persons that smoke, wash your hands, especially when you’re suffering from cold or flu. Stay away from the things that you know are, they are allergic for you. Thank you. If you want to consult, you can consult via lybrate.

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