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Shoulder Pain

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Hi, I am Vikas Gupta, Director and the head shoulder and hand division Max Hospital Saket. Today we would be talking about being free of shoulder problems. How do we tackle them when do we required surgery and what type of surgeries we require but before I say, I would like to stress upon one thing nearly 80% off the shoulder problems can be treated non operatively that is by physiotherapy and good medication. Patients can come back to normal without surgery but there are some problems where surgery is required. First of all, I will touch upon repeated shoulder dislocation which usually happens after the injury and rotator cuff injuries where there is a complete care in the rotator cuff. Rotator cuffs are the muscles which are moving on the shoulder joint. When these 2 conditions happened most of the time patients would require surgery and in these cases where do shoulder arthroscopic or arthroscopic surgery is on the shoulder. These are minimally invasive surgeries in which will pass the camera in to the joint through multiple keyholes we put the camera and instrument in to the joint and prepared the torn ligaments and the muscles and bring that shoulder on its normal anatomy, so that person can move his or her shoulder after surgery with good to have rehabilitation. In a shoulder arthroscopy, the advantages are the patient come back to the normal routine very fast as compared to the conventional surgeries. The stay in the hospital is usually same discharge the patient or next day discharge the patient. So where that point if were asked patient can expect to go home in most of the cases. Other condition in which we do surgery the shoulder arthritis with the effect of new prospective designs the shoulder replacement after arthritis has become very predictable. So after arthritis or any severe trauma in old age, shoulder replacement is being done very commonly being done. So in these cases we expect the good result after replacement in the last I will say in severe trauma we can fix the shoulder joint even in very soft bones because there are new plate designs which are there fix the fractures fragments very rigidly so that we can mobilize them early and expect the good results and I would like to conclude that with the effect of knowledge of biomechanics of shoulder joint. Our rehabilitation and physiotherapy after surgery have become so good that we can expect the near normal results after the shoulder surgery.

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