Sex During Pregnancy!

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Sex During Pregnancy!

Is sex safe during pregnancy?

Most women with a normal pregnancy can continue having sex till the point they move into labor or the ‘water breaks’. However, there might be certain circumstances wherein the doctor or the midwife may ask you to either modify a part of the activity or abstain from it altogether. Certain complications during this stage may make sex a ‘no fly zone’. Conditions such as bleeding or cervical weakness may warrant abstinence.

Debunking Myths

Under normal circumstances, sex might not necessarily lead to vaginal infections or miscarriage. According to studies, sex has no relation with premature birth. On the contrary, women who have sex quite frequently are less likely to give birth prematurely.

Can sex at this stage cause harm to the fetus?

No. Sex doesn’t hurt your baby, even with positions like the missionary. This is because the uterus muscles and the amniotic sac protect the fetus. The cervix is sealed by a thick layer of mucus plug that guards against all sorts of infections.

Having the sensation of the baby move around during an orgasm may crop up as a common concern. However, this happens because of the faster, almost pounding heart rate and not because of any discomfort. During sexual intercourse, the penis doesn’t reach beyond the woman’s vagina; hence, there is no way that the baby could be hurt.However, if the man has been suffering from genital herpes, the doctor may advise against engaging in sex.

Low libido during pregnancy: Is it normal?

Individual experiences greatly differ. For some, sexual drive may be at its peak, whereas some may not find sex as enjoyable as usual. It’s absolutely normal for the woman’s libido to fluctuate, especially because a lot of it depends on her emotional and physical well-being at that point of time. Sex, particularly in the first trimester, can feel tiresome because of all the nausea and fatigue.

Does pregnancy in any way affect the man’s sex drive as well?

Some men find their partners all the more attractive during this time. However, it might so happen that the partner’s perception of parenthood along with the perceived burdens dampen his drive. Probably the most common reason behind the partner’s decreased drive is because of the apprehension that stems from his belief that sex could actually harm the fetus. Re-assurance is all that is needed at this time.

What about oral sex?

Oral sex is safe for the better part of the pregnancy period. However, caution should be practiced so that the partner doesn’t go overboard and starts blowing into the woman’s vagina. This might result in air embolism that is a condition wherein an air bubble enters into the partner’s circulatory system. It’s wise to use a dental dam if the couple decides to engage in oral sex.

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