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Sensitive to Cold - 7 Homeopathic Remedies For It!

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Homeopathy Doctor, Indore  •  12years experience
Sensitive to Cold - 7 Homeopathic Remedies For It!

The sensitivity towards cold is different for all people and some people are much more sensitive to cold than others. They are more prone to common cold, cough, nose block, running nose, viral fever, congestion, and sinus problems. Homeopathy is ideal for the treatment of disorders caused due to cold or due to extra sensitivity to cold. Other than the symptoms, homeopathy effectively cures the underlying causes of cold sensitivity that cause the condition.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cold and Congestion Sensitivity

Here is a list of common homeopathic remedy for cold sensitivity, these remedies used to cure different conditions arising from cold sensitivity, along with the symptoms which appear based on which they are prescribed:

  1. Aconite: Aconite is a homeo remedy for cold sensitivity used when there is a sudden onset of cold due to exposure to dry and cold weather conditions. High fever is indicated. The patient is restless, extra sensitive towards the light, and has a runny nose. Sneezing and headache prevail.
  2. Allium Cepa: This homeopathic medicine is used when there is a burning nasal discharge which causes a burning sensation on the skin and upper lip. The eyes become red and burning is felt. There is a tickling sensation in the larynx and a painful cough.
  3. Arsenicum: When a person experiences thick, yellow, and watery nasal discharge, which causes a burning sensation to the skin, arsenicum acts as homeopathic remedy for this cold sensitivity problem. The nose feels blocked with irritation and a tickling sensation. Violent, frequent sneezing and coughing are indicated. Headaches and chest pain are likely.
  4. Belladonna: Belladonna is a homeopathic remedy for cold sensitivity used in cases of sudden onset of cold accompanied by high fever, enhanced pupil size, and a hot, dry sensation on the face. Extra light sensitivity develops, and the affected person has a sore throat and experiences throbbing headaches. A barking cough is observed.
  5. Bryonia: Bryonia is used when cold moves onto the chest and is painful, spasmodic cough is experienced while breathing deeply, eating, or drinking. The chest pain increases with movement. The patient becomes irritable, tired, feel sick, and thirsty. He would want to be left alone.
  6. Chamomilla:  Homeo remedy for cold sensitivity used when an earache occurs due to cold. The patient gets irritable and experiences pain. One cheek becomes red and hot while the other cheek remains cool and pale.
  7. Eupatorium: Eupatorium is a homeopathic medicine for cold sensitivity used where a person develops deep backache and ache in the limbs due to cold. Severe headache is experienced, and the eyeballs become sore. Chills and fevers are very frequent. The patient feels thirsty and vomiting may be indicated.

Enhanced sensitivity towards cold makes a person prone to the common cold and other related medical conditions. Various homeopathic remedies for cold sensitivity are available and total treatment is ensured in a natural way. If you have any query then you can consult with Homeopathy Doctors in Indore and get answers to your questions!

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