Seeing a Sudden Rise in DANDRUFF? Here?s What You Need To Do!

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Seeing a Sudden Rise in DANDRUFF? Here?s What You Need To Do!

5 simple ways to prevent dandruff in winter

Dandruff is becoming increasingly common. This scalp condition can exacerbate in winter since the humidity of the air around you decreases, which results in dry skin and an itchy scalp. But there are certain ways in which you can prevent the onset of dandruff during winters. Read on to find out.

1. Wash your hair with lukewarm water
You may find a shower with hot water a great way to start your day, but unfortunately, it has a negative effect on your scalp. Hot water baths are responsible for scalp irritation and effectively increase inflammation, which ultimately leads to the occurrence of dandruff. So, always opt for lukewarm water to wash your hair in order to maintain the natural moisture level of your scalp.

2. Give your scalp a coconut oil massage
Make it a habit to massage your scalp with 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil before sleeping at night. Rinse away the oil the following morning using a gentle shampoo. Regularly following this remedy proves to be beneficial in keeping dandruff away from your scalp.

3. Watch your diet

You can ensure that your scalp remains healthy during winters by including moderate amounts of vitamin b, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc in your diet. To get these nutrients eat foods like walnuts, leafy vegetable, and eggs etc. These foods can help in keeping your scalp hydrated, thus preventing the occurrence of dandruff.

4. Stay away from hair styling products
Winter robs away the moisture from your scalp, which makes it highly vulnerable to damage on exposure to harsh chemicals. Most hair styling products (such as hair colours) contain strong chemicals, and if you use them frequently during the winters, you may end up having an itchy scalp resulting in dandruff later.

5. Use conditioners and shampoos containing tea tree oil
Hair care products like shampoos and conditioners made of tea tree oil help in restoring moisture to your scalp, which in turn stops dandruff from occurring. Alternatively, giving your scalp a tea tree oil massage two times every week works wonders for your hair and keeps dandruff at bay.

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