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I am Dr. Rajeev Vij, I am a dermatologist and today I am going to discuss the one revolutionary treatment that we are having at present in dermatology, it is PRP and I am going to discuss PRP and its effect on hair growth. Normally we see in androgenetic alopecia when the patient comes to us, he develops the hair thinning. So, gradually he was having the bulk of hairs but because the hairs are becoming thinner because of the male hormone that is attached to the hair follicle, the hair becomes very thin and this leads to baldness. Now previously when be used to treat that with medicines, it used to take a lot of time means patient used to take 3-4 years even then the desired growth was not there but with PRP it is a revolutionized treatment by which we can give results within few months. Now PRP is a treatment where we extract blood from the patient and that is just 15ml or 20 ml and with this blood we extract platelets.

Normally in blood platelets are 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh but in PRP the growth the number of platelets about 10 lakh to 12 lakh. When these platelets are injected into the scalp, they are having growth factors and because of these growth factors, the hairs grow very rapidly. I would like to share a few of my photographs with patients that we have treated. Now, this is a patient he was almost completely bald. When we treated this patient, within three weeks he was having this much hair and within the next three weeks he was having this much hair and now this is the result after third sitting. So, you can see, just in 9 weeks the patient was from baldness to he has got regained whole confidence within a span of 9 weeks so that means just 2 months. So, I want to share that this is a very good treatment, revolutionary treatment but make sure whenever you go for PRP you have to make sure ask your doctor to show him his results because if PRP is properly prepared and the PRP is having a proper concentration of platelets, so normally we get this kind of results.

So, if the patient if it is not properly prepared then you won't get exact good results and the very good thing about this treatment is that it is free of any side effects. There is no side effect at all and in case you go for transplantation you have to extract hairs from back and get it transplanted in front of your hairs and then it's being surgery and then the concentration that you get is not as much as that you get as you get in PRP. And the main thing is even the patient who has gone for transplantation if they go for PRP it can lead to enhancement of hairs. And one more thing I would like to share that with PRP when we do PRP there is a lot of improvement in patient's dandruff patient and even the patient who is suffering from psoriasis they tend to diminish a lot, they clear almost what you cannot have attained even after giving so many of medicines.

I will also share photographs of one patient of psoriasis whom I had treated for PRP with very good results almost he got his skull cleared within a period of 10 to 15 days and the most PRP is not a major procedure, it's a minor procedure where when you get PRP done there is generally only slight swelling can be there that too for say half an hour or 1 hour. So, even after getting PRP you go to your office work and the results are very rapid and the most the best advantage of PRP is that it is not having any side effects, there are no adverse effects till date there is no reported side effect of PRP. So, I think I will share my further photographs. This is my patient where these results are just of 3 sittings. This is before treatment, this is after treatment. And this is a female patient who was almost completely bald and this we have got this result within just a span of 4 sittings and with this, I think I have cleared most of your doubts. 


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