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Prostate Cancer - How To Treat It?

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MBBS, MS - General Surgery, Mch - Urology
Urologist, Mumbai  •  18years experience
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I am Dr. Ashish Gupta, Urologist. Today I will talk about prostate, prostate cancer and treatment. Prostate is a gland present in every man near the bladder. 50% of the men have the problem related to the prostate. Lack of awareness makes the condition more difficult. Prostate cause the difficulties in passing urine. Patient also complaints of burning, blood and poor flow of urine. They complaint of frequent urination.

Many a times symptoms of prostate are often neglected in old age. If left untreated, it will cause you the major problems. Patient life is affected. Patient need to be identified and treated accordingly. Doctor will test you first and will prescribe you the medicines accordingly. Some patients may still require surgery and today endoscopic surgery is most reliable. Prostate cancer is the common cancer in men after the age of 55. We have a test which can detect this problem at an early stage. Most common symptom is backache. We have treatments which can cure the patient. We have the treatment where we remove the entire prostate. Patient can live disease free life. All men above the age of 55 should go for prostate check.

Thank You.

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