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Pregnancy Related Problems

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Dr.Vandana Gupta 87% (82ratings)
MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Delhi  •  36years experience
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I am Dr. Vandana Gupta, a senior consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist practicing in Mayur Vihar Phase-2. I want to tell you about pregnancy-related problems which commonly ladies face. First and foremost is the nausea and vomiting a woman face in pregnancy. It can be taken care by eating small and frequent meals. No spicy and fried meals. And still you are not able to manage it, your doctor can give you medicines which is very safe in pregnancy to be taken. Pregnancy is divided into 3 parts. First 3 months (first trimester), middle 3 months (2nd trimester), last 3 months (third trimester). All 3 months are very special. In first 3 months the lady is getting used to her pregnancy. The most comfortable of pregnancy is middle 3 months. And if she wants to travel in 2nd trimester, she can but with the doctor's advice.

She has to keep herself hydrated. She also has to take adequate calories. In last trimester, baby has grown in size and also the lady feels a bit uncomfortable and travel has to be restricted. Because now we start thinking that lady might go into preterm labor. 1st and 3rd trimester, no traveling. The weight gain in pregnancy based upon the lady's base weight. It can vary from 10-15 kgs. Suppose a lady is starting her pregnancy at 65 kgs and she is just 5'2 in height, so it means she is already overweight and if she gains 8-10 kgs, she will be most comfortable. So, this is the way she can take care of herself and her baby. Her thoughts, stress and everything affects the child. When the baby is in womb, baby is learning. Lady's behavior, eating, emotions. So, you have to take care of all these things. So, you have to see that nothing goes wrong.

The diseases like diabetes and hypertension, all should be controlled. The baby comes out in a very healthy state. So, you have to be what you want your child to be. If you want your child to be peaceful, so you also have to be peaceful. From 7 months baby can listen you, so have to be very thoughtful even when you are talking very silently to anyone. All the feeling, thoughts are passed on to the baby. So, it is a very important time to plan your diet and thoughts. Plan your activities. Yoga and meditation will take you a long way so as to achieve a normal and healthy vaginal delivery. If the complications are arises, then the chances of operative thing also arises. Baby is also getting programmed as your body and getting ready for healthy and normal vaginal delivery. That is what we all want in the end of the day. Less complicated pregnancy, delivery and a very healthy and hearty baby.

Thank You.

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