Pregnancy - Is Your Body Ready For It?

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Pregnancy - Is Your Body Ready For It?

When you decide to conceive, you are emotionally prepared to have a baby, but is your body prepared? It is important that one is aware of factors that are involved in ensuring that the body is ready to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Below are some of the factors are imperative to consider when it comes to conceiving.

The type of birth control that you have been using
If you are taking a combination birth control pill, it will cause a two-week delay in the period at the most once you stop taking the pill. This means that you will not have to take a break before you try to conceive. However, it will be easier to some extent to estimate the time when you are ovulating and when the baby will be due if you have experienced at least one normal period cycle before you conceive. If you are willing to wait for a few months, you will have to use condoms until the time your menstrual cycle gets back to normal. It may take longer to return to your natural fertility state if you have been taking any sort of long-term birth control like progestin injection.

If you are under any current vaccination
Infections such as German measles and chicken pox can be dangerous for your baby. Make sure that your immunizations are complete. In case you think that you are not properly immunized against certain infections, your preconception care may also include some blood tests to check for immunity of certain vaccines.

If you are suffering from any chronic medical conditions
If you have a certain medical condition such as asthma, high blood pressure, high blood sugar or obesity, you must ensure that it is well under control before you conceive. In certain circumstances, the health care provider may recommend adjusting the medication or another treatment before pregnancy.

If you are taking any supplements or medications
You should tell your provider about any herbs, supplements or medications that you are taking. Depending on the product that you are taking your doctor may make some alterations in the dose or usage of the product or may switch you to something else. It is the right time to take the prenatal vitamins since it helps in prevention of neural tube defects. The neural tube of the baby later develops into the spinal cord and brain of the baby.

This tube develops during the first month of pregnancy which is possible before you understand that you are pregnant.

Healthy lifestyle choices are important if you want a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor will explain to you the significance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and managing stress. Follow it diligently to deliver your little bundle of joy successfully.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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