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Pre-pregnancy counselling - Why is it Important?

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DNB (Obstetrics & Gynecology), MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
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Hello, I am Dr Parinita Kalita, consultant gynaecologist practising in Delhi, NCR. Today I will discuss about pre-pregnancy counselling. Once a woman decides for pregnancy, she should visit a gynaecologist to know her optimum health condition because even in pregnancy is a physiological condition there may be certain associated diseases which are preventable and gives a better outcome. The history part is very important we try to find out if there is a certain familial disease like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problem, thalassemia. Her haemoglobin should be optimum before conception and if it is not so if she is suffering from anaemia it should be corrected before conception. Thyroid values should be normal before and during pregnancy for a better outcome, her vaccination schedule is also very important she should be immune to rubella because if rubella comes a first time during pregnancy it may give rise to a congenital anomaly of the fetus. So if she is not immune she should be advised rubella vaccination 2 months prior to her pregnancy, her drug history drug intake history is also very important she should not expose herself to unnecessary drugs before and during pregnancy and if she is into a continuous drug resist for certain diseases, she should consult her Doctor to find out whether those tablets, drugs are safe during pregnancy or if she requires some alternative medicines for those diseases. Her hygiene is another important part of the private part, she should discuss this and if she feels that there is a certain infection in that part it should be properly treated before going for a pregnancy. She should know what to do and not to do during those periods, her diet should be very healthy and she should continue with the light exercise. She is advised few test like haemoglobin level, for thyroid value, for rubella vaccination, her thalassaemia profile, if she complains of any irregular period or excessive pain during period her ultrasound is also advised to find out if there is certain ovarian cyst or a fibroid uterus which should be taken care before planning for pregnancy. So go ahead girls get a healthy pregnancy and you know the motherhood is the best feeling in a women’s life. So you can contact me in Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj or in my clinic at Madhu Vihar, Astha Gynae Clinic, Sai Chowk through Lybrate. Thank you.

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