Post Knee Rehabilitation Care Of Knee & Rehabilitation Protocol!

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Post Knee Rehabilitation Care Of Knee & Rehabilitation Protocol!

Knee rehabilitation is a major surgery that can take a toll on anybody’s health and bouncing back can be quite a challenge. But don’t be disheartened. You will be on your feet and traipsing around town effortlessly in no time if you follow a post-surgery protocol.

Brace Yourself:

Your preparation for knee care should start long before the surgery. Plan ahead and anticipate your needs. Read up articles on recovery post knee surgery, doctor’s advice and testimonials from those who have undergone this surgery. You should designate a room for yourself to convalesce in. If possible, make sure it's on the ground floor because clambering up and down the stairs might be taxing for your knee. Make sure there are-

• Multiple pillows to elevate the recovering knee
• Ice packs
• A medicine closet where you can stock up on medicines and bandages
• An attached urinal or lavatory
• Crutches or a walker

Here are a few things you must do:

To manage pain and discomfort after the surgery and to reduce the swelling, apply icepacks four times a day for ten minutes every time. Once the swelling does down in a few months, alternate between hot and cold compresses, which can ease your muscles.

Eat a healthy diet: You need proteins because they help with healing. So your diet should feature eggs, milk products and nuts. Since healing requires energy, make sure you eat high carbohydrate foods like fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains.

The one thing you must absolutely not do is put too much pressure on your knees. So refrain from walking or lifting heavy weights.

Keep your loved ones near: Complete recovery is only possible when you have family and friends near you. Not only do you need them for their encouragement and moral support, but for another very practical reason. Recovery means round the clock medication. It helps if there is someone living with you so to help you with the medicines and since you have to consume them for quite a few months, you will need to replenish them. Your loved ones can help you with that and escort you to the doctor and physiotherapist.

Get in touch with the experts: Your knee will require constant care and a major constituent of your regime would be regular changes of dressing. Unless you get that done, the site of the injury could swell up and even develop an infection which would set recovery back by months. Also, the cleaning and dressing need to be done expertly. That is why it is important to get in touch with health care professionals who will drop in regularly.

Look up reputed physiotherapists: Search online for physiotherapists or ask your Orthopedic doctor to refer you to one. Physiotherapy is instrumental in recovering the full mobility of your knee. You might have to attend therapy sessions three or four times a week. So contact a clinic or a physiotherapist to learn more about their services and remittance and make a decision so that you can start therapy as soon as possible.

Knee surgery recovery hinges on you not giving up hope and sticking to your doctor’s advice. With patience and support from family, you will be up and about in just a few months.

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