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Planning To Spend Too Much Time Watching IPL - Know Why You Should Not!

Dr. Garima Sharma 92% (456 ratings)
General Physician, Fatehabad  •  10 years experience
Planning To Spend Too Much Time Watching IPL - Know Why You Should Not!

Once again it's the time of the year that most people have been eagerly waiting for. And why not? After all, it is the beginning of the 11th IPL season in the country. IPL is one of the series of tournaments which the cricket lovers look forward to every year, as it is a game which binds people of all races together.

However, as much as it is the most awaited season in India, it also has a number of health issues attached to it. Yes, it is correct - too much IPL watching can be harmful. Wondering how?

Devoting too much time to IPL reduces the time for physical activity and exercise and increases stress & anxiety. Following are a list of negative effects of watching too much IPL.

  1. Sitting for long durations: Sitting for long durations in front of the TV can definitely advertise for a cricket wound. But this is something one should not be proud of, considering it is worst for the health. Some of the health risks associated with sitting for long durations at a stretch are back and spinal issues, slower metabolism, chronic pain, reduced good cholesterol, increased risk of heart problems.

  2. Escaping from the reality: Once people sit in front of the TV to watch the IPL match, they forget everything else around them. This can lead to strained relationships, loss of communication and eventually lead to stress and frustration.

  3. Depression and stress: When the team which the people support does not win, fans often tend to take the stress and get depressed. In India, cricket is not just a game but a religion which people follow very diligently. When their favorite player does not score a good number of runs or when a very experienced player misses a catch, even then the audience gets really low. It is very important for the people to have a sporting spirit and treat cricket like a game and not something to feel depressed about.

  4. Increased risk of accidents: People often go so mad over cricket matches that they listen to cricket news even while driving. Listening to news is good, however getting anxious and agitated upon hearing it is not a very wise thing to do, especially while driving as it can increase the risk of road accidents.

  5. Unhealthy eating: It is a common practice that most people binge eat while watching television and IPL season fever is like an icing on the cake. Further, most of the items consumed during this time are either rich in salt, sugar or other artificial ingredients, which are certainly harmful to your body. Moreover, when people eat while watching television they tend to ignore the portion size of the meal, which is a major cause of overeating.

It's not that one should not enjoy a good game, however, the idea is to strike a balance and spend equal time on all activities. Enjoy the IPL season!

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