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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Pilonidal Sinus - Graded Ksharsutra Therapy Is Better Than Surgery/Z-Plasty!

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Dr. S K Singh, Sushruta Ano Rectal Institute Piles And Fistula TreatmentGeneral Surgeon • 37 Years Exp.M.S. (Ayurveda), Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
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Pilonidal refers to a nest of hairs and sinus stands for a tunnel like structure with two openings communicating with each other. A Pilonidal Sinus (PNS) presents as a nodular swelling or an opening in lower spinal region with hairs and dead cells in the sinus cavity. Intermittent watery or pus discharge is also noticed from this swelling.


Pilonidal sinus mostly happens to people with hairy skin. Hairs invade in the skin in natal cleft and act as a source of infection. As a result cyst formation is there with swelling and intermittent pus discharge. The symptoms Pilonidal Sinus include:

• A painful swelling in lower spinal region

• Pain and swelling subsides once the pus is discharged and again appears when pus formation is there. This cycle goes on.

• Hair protruding out from the lesion may be seen

• One or more sinus openings can also be seen

Pilonidal Sinus Treatment:

Pilonidal Sinus very seldom heals with treatments through medicine; whether it is allopathic, homeopathic or ayurvedic, they tend to show only temporary relief. The problem does not get eradicated completely. Under most of these circumstances, surgeons recommend patients to undergo surgeries like Z-plasty. Even after surgery, there are high incidences of recurrence so it is not a good choice for Pilonidal Sinus treatment.

Other complications like pain, hospitalization and longer process of recovery are also commonly seen. However, Pilonidal Sinus can be completely treated by Graded Ksharsutra Treatment. In this treatment; Graded Ksharsutra - a specialized Medicated thread is placed in sinus cavity which is replaced at weekly intervals till the sinus heals completely.

Here are few reasons why Graded KsharsutraTM is considered to be better than Surgery

• As it is a non-surgical procedure, so hospitalization or bed rest may not be required.

• In Ksharsutra therapy there is no cutting of tissues hence the chance of post operative bleeding are not there whereas after surgery; the chances of post operative bleeding or infection are always there.

• Ksharsutra therapy is done under Local Anesthesia which is always safer than general anesthesia/ Spinal Anesthesia required during surgery.

• Patients can continue his normal routine activities as usual during this treatment which is not the case after surgery for Pilonidal Sinus.

• Delayed healing and Recurrence of Pilonidal Sinus are the complications seen after Pilonidal sinus surgery. Such complications are not seen with Graded KsharsutraTM Treatment.

• Graded KsharsutraTM is more economical and more convenient than surgery.

Hence, it is being concluded that Graded KsharsutraTM Treatment is the best treatment for Pilonidal Sinus.

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