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PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

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Myself Dr Shilpa Bansal consultant gynaecologist at Harleys Clinic, Mumbai at Andheri West.

Today I am going to talk about a common endocrinal abnormality imbalance which is happening known as Polycystic ovarian syndrome. According to the present statistics about 20 to 25% of Indian females suffered with it, Polycystic ovarian syndrome becomes a part of an Android excess problem there are other problem such as adenomas, hyperplasia of adrenal, stress and thyroid abnormalities which too mimic something like symptoms of Polycystic ovarian. In Polycystic ovarian syndrome we expect various signs and symptoms to trouble a lady, at the teenage this becomes the teenage crisis, symptoms like she has acne, she has weight, she has bald patches, hirsutism becomes the issue weight which is uncontrollable or which is very difficult to lose. These teenage prices after sometime do become reproductive age crisis or medial crisis, in medial crisis again she is struggling to conceive she is struggling to get her period back to normal, if unattended that time again leads to old age crisis. Old age, she is at risk of endometrial carcinoma, she become at risk of diabetes, she become at risk of atherosclerosis. Now after all of this the point is that we can't blame everything on hormones you get stressed you skip your periods and your hairs start falling and you blame it on hormones, not that. There are various causes for getting the symptoms as well, so correct diagnosis is very important that are we really dealing with PCOD or there is something else which needs to be attended. So now the situation is how to combat PCOS, how to handle the picture, first people who do not have it please don't get it. We have to understand the importance of discipline in life, we have to understand the difference of diet in 8th schedule in our daily life, we have to give importance to the sports in our daily activities in our daily schedules, this helps a woman not to become a PCOS. Moreover, thin lady does not mean a fit lady, if we eat a junk food, if we are induldged into activities which are not good that we all of us know comes with the price, she eventually would be the one of the candidates to become PCOS. People who are struggling at the moment with the PCOS, we need a group of people to handle PCOS like cosmetologist to handle pimples coming we need, a diet Counsellor to tell you what portions to be omitted, what portion to be started, how much you should be taking to combat that weight issues and for the gynaecologist we can give you certain medications to combat those acute crisis in which all the things are troubling you and we decides the time you need to take it up to. People who are struggling with the PCOS again have to understand that we have to take care of the diet, we have to take care of the exercise and we can put some of the medications but that is for sometime to combat those acute crisis. We need lot of more people like as a cosmetologist, who can take care of the acne hair, fall and hirsutism. We need of the diet counsellor who can talk to you about your diet which things can be added which can be omitted, we need a psychotherapist sometimes if there is a mood swings which are troubling a lot are there is a depression between a part of the PCOS. We can help you out with certain cases of infertility and because of PCOD, we can correct the menstrual irregularity through medication, till you reach your own target, till you did the right weight with you hoping to get in the end.

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