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Oral Sex Tips

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Oral Sex Tips

Not to put too fine a point on it, but in most cases, a satisfied penis equals a happy man - and oral sex is one surefire way to make that happen. There are numerous sex tips available for women that can help them to become more proficient at the art of fellatio. But a pleasurable oral sex experience is a two-way street; there are things a guy can do to make it more enjoyable for his partner, as well -- and therefore increase the likelihood of repeat performances. Tending to his penis health is one of the more obvious oral sex tips, but it doesn't stop there.

Think a little

  • What can a man do to make oral sex more pleasant for the person doing him this tremendous favor? To answer that question, it helps for a man to imagine himself in the position of performing fellatio and to think about the things that would give him pause. That's hard for some guys to do, but if they make the effort, their list of oral sex tips might include the following:
  • Be clean. This is obvious and fairly easy. Every guy has had the experience of removing his clothes at the end of a day and becoming aware of how much his package reeks. All the sweat that accumulates during the day can produce an odor that a guy can smell from several feet away - so imagine what it might smell like when the face is placed directly against it. The odor is off-putting enough, but sometimes there's dirt, grime, dried semen, and other physical manifestations as well - and that's before even considering the possibility of smegma. A man needs to be sure to clean his penis regularly; if oral sex is on the table, he should excuse himself and do a quick clean-up near to the time that the experience may begin.
  • Consider shaving. Manscaping is more popular now than ever, but that doesn't mean that it is the norm. A few quick glances in the locker room is enough to prove that most men still prefer to let their bushes grow wild and free. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course, and whether a man shaves his pubic hair is a totally personal choice. However, most people who are on the performing end of fellatio agree that getting hair stuck in their teeth or in their throat is not something they look forward to. Men who are interested in increasing their oral sex opportunities may want to consider shaving - either de-nuding the entire package (balls, penis, crotch) or just the thick bush. Some men compromise and do a close trim, rather than shaving down to the skin. And some are able to enlist their partner's aid in the shaving process, which can be highly erotic on its own.
  • Give a warning. Some people don't want to swallow, so it's only polite to give a warning when ejaculation is imminent.
  • Watch the diet. The flavor of one's semen is affected by the foods one consumes. A diet that's heavy on certain foods (asparagus, garlic, red meat, strong spices, dairy, broccoli and fried foods among them) produces semen with an acrid, bitter taste. Sweeter foods, such as cinnamon and peppermint, as well as parsley, make semen more palatable.

No list of oral sex tips would be complete without re-emphasizing that an orally-satisfied penis needs to be a healthy one. Using a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) helps to ensure that any potential oral sex providers won't worry about the health of the item headed for their mouth. Definitely make sure that the chosen crème contains vitamin A, the anti-bacterial properties of which fight stubborn penis odor. Since a penis that is free of dry skin and cracks is more appealing, look for a crème with powerful moisturizing abilities; one with both a high end emollient (such as shea butter) and a natural hydrator (like vitamin E) is best in this area.

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