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Nephrotic Syndrome & Homeopathy!

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Nephrotic Syndrome & Homeopathy!

Nephrotic is a kidney dysfunction in which a person releases a huge amount of protein while urinating. This happens because of damaged blood vessels in the kidney which cannot properly filter water.

There are many treatments available for Nephrotic Syndrome. However, over the years, Homeopathy has shown greater results in the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome. Homeopathy treats without affecting the kidneys and other organs. It cures Nephrotic Syndrome by reducing the symptoms of the disease.

Causes of Nephrotic Syndrome:

A cluster of tiny blood vessels in the kidney is called glomeruli. When the glomeruli are damaged, it can cause Nephrotic Syndrome.

Glomeruli helps in filtering the blood that passes through the kidney, and separates the things body needs. A proper functioning of glomeruli vessel is to store the blood protein. This helps to maintain the correct measure of fluid in the body without letting it pass through the urine. Whereas a dysfunctional glomeruli vessel lets pass excessive blood protein through urine. This dysfunction of glomeruli causes Nephrotic Syndrome.

Health Risk Due to Nephrotic Syndrome:

There is a major health risk for a person who has Nephrotic Syndrome. Some of the health risks include:

  1. Kidney Damage: With a damaged glomerulus, the risk of kidney damage increases by manifolds. Kidney becomes prone to diseases like lupus, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

  2. Insufficient Protein: Due to the excess flow of protein through the urine, it gets hard for the body to maintain a sufficient amount of protein in the body. Lack of protein can lead to weight loss, reduction of blood cells, and deficiency of vitamins.

  3. Blood clots: Loss of blood protein increases the risk of forming blood clots inside the body. These blood clots are also known as thrombus.

  4. Infection: A person suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome is highly prone to developing an infection.

  5. High Blood Pressure: Due to improper filter of glomeruli, a lot of waste keeps running in the bloodstream. This waste can be a major reason which can cause high blood pressure.

Homeopathic Treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome:

Homeopathic treatment is very effective for people with Nephrotic Syndrome. The first aim of this treatment is to reduce the disease. It controls the excess leakage of protein through homeopathic medicines. It increases the immunity as patients with this syndrome are prone to infection. So, by increasing the immunity, chances of getting cold, throat infection, etc. reduces a lot.

Duration of treatment varies from patient to patient. It depends upon the severity of the disease. It also depends upon the factors such as:

  1. Immune system

  2. Other medical conditions

  3. General overall health

  4. Duration of Nephrotic Syndrome

  5. Cause of Nephrotic Syndrome

Homeopathic treatment medicines are based on the guidelines which concentrate on improving the immunity of a person. It tries to reduce the dependency on steroids, which are harmful in the long run. These homeopathic medicines aim to repair the damaged glomeruli vessels. These methods are clinically proven.


Homeopathy does work in this type of disease. However, it is always advisable to consult a Homeopathy specialist before opting for any Homeopathy medicines and remedies.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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