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Myths About Skin Care Treatment

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Hello everyone,

This is Dr. Sonia Tekchandani, Consulting Dermatologist, Tender Skin International Mumbai, The Wedding Clinic, Pune and Mumbai.

oday I am going to talk about some myths related to skin care clinics. Generally a beauty clinic aur dermatology clinic is compared with a beauty salon. Both are different. In a beauty clinic or dermatology clinic, the services which we render are towards addressing concerns like pigmentation, acne, dark circles, hair loss, unwanted hair. Now we use medical great products, find the cost of pigments and address accordingly. For example, a client comes to you with acne, it is very important to find the cause of acne whether it is teenage acne , adult acne due to hormonal imbalance etc.

And then decide the line of treatment you have to give some medication along with your treatments. The other myth is that only women visit Skin Clinics. Men also visit Skin Clinics today. They are much aware of their skin concerns, they have different skin characteristics, they have much thicker skins, they do come for exfoliations, they require much more anti- wrinkle dosage as compared to women. I am sure you have heard about toothpaste can cure a pimple, a quick fix remedy which everybody has heard of.

Toothpaste can dry up your skin and therefore you might see some immediate benefits but are you aware of the reactions toothpaste can cause on your skin like irritation and redness, peeling of the skin that's when the emergency alarm rings and you run to a Dermatology clinic. We all use sunscreens today . Do we need a sunscreen on a cloudy day? Yes, the sun is hiding behind the clouds still filtering the ultraviolet which reaches the Earth's surface even on a cloudy day.

There is even reflection of the ultraviolet from water surfaces. So whether it is swimming after sunset or a cloudy day, wearing a sunscreen is a must. The other myth is whether scrubbing my face is as good as getting a peel done in a clinic? Obviously not. Scrubbing means irritating your skin. Scrubs contain apricots, walnuts and beans which can irritate your skin. Acne- prone skin can get irritated whereas a peel is decided depending upon your condition of your skin.

The peel helps to exfoliate your skin gently and in a controlled fashion and that's why you see the results. Does a skin treatment mean applying chemicals on my skin? Absolutely no. Peels are natural extracts. They are very superficial, they are extracts from sugarcane , they could be extracts from willow bark, they can be used for rejuvenating your skin , they can be used for treating acne, pigmentation ,dark circles, uneven skin tones ,fine lines and even wrinkles.

Our skin treatments very expensive? Very affordable and have long term results. Does laser have side effects? Lasers when done by qualified , skilled laser therapist under supervision of doctors have absolutely no side effects. If you have any concerns with your skin and hair, you can book an appointment with us consult me through my

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