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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Myth Behind Male Breast Reduction

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Dr. Vijay KakkarDermatologist • 41 Years Exp.M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery), MS - General Surgery, MBBS

Good morning, I am Dr Vijay Kakkar, a senior consultant cosmetic and plastic surgeon. I am working in Kakkar health care group which is a clinic of long standing and have been doing all kind of cosmetic surgeries. We will be discussing Gynecomastia or a male surgery today.

As we know Gynecomastia is a problem in the young adult in which the male breast starts increasing. The problems start in the teenagers. Once there is little bit of problem in hormones. In the case of Gynecomastia, there must a slight elevation of the female hormones during the developing period. If the female hormone is more in the developing period of say,13-17 years of age. This gets hypertrophic and increase in size. There may not be any investigating factors.

In certain cases, it may be associated with some other diseases also. In such cases we have to find the cause of Gynecomastia. Where as in most of the cases we do not find any cause for increase the size in male breast. Once the patient of male breast comes to us, we examine him and analyse what kind of grades of gynecosmastia the person is having.

IN most of the boys or young adults are going to gym due top which muscle size increase, in such cases the gynecosmastia becomes more prominent. It is a myth that going to gym decreases the gynecosmatia, rather it increases. Once these people go in the society, they can not remove the t shirt and there are lot of problems and pressure that they can not go for swimming or they can not go to common public places wearing white t shirts. In such cases, the young adults suffer from psychological pressure. So we need to correct these problems.

It is a very simple surgery and a day care kind of surgery. We call the patient in the morning. We give an anaesthesia which is either local or general anaesthesia. Most of the fat can be removed with the process of Liposuction. It is a very minor surgery. We make a 2-3 mm size of cut and put a kind of cannula and lot of saline into the breast and suck all the fat. After sucking all the fat, we analyze if there is any breast gland left behind. If there is any breast gland left behind then we excise that breast gland with the help of a small cut which ios given in the infra cellular plane and that scar is also not visible.

After the surgery, the patient is given garment to wear for the month approximately. The swelling will go down within a week to 10 days time. The patient will be fine within a 6 days of time and patient will be back to normal. It is a permanent procesdure where no scar no cuts are left.

If you have any query about Gynecomastia, you can contact us or you can e mail at or contact us at 9811079483.

Thank you.


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