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Last Updated: Jan 10, 2023

Most Commonly Observed Sexual Inabilities In Women!

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Dr. Rahul GuptaSexologist • 16 Years Exp.MD-Ayurveda, BAMS
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Despite the privacy that everyone demands, sex is an important part of our lives. It is the reason that we were born and also the reason for every other being in our sight. But have you ever given a thought to the fact that there is nothing called as perfect sex life? Yes, you read that right, equal amounts of men and women have been subjected to various forms of sexual disorientation. Continue reading below and discover more about sex-related issues in females.

Women's sexuality is even least talked about than men and so, it is only safe if we chose to discuss it today rather delay. The thoughts of a woman about her relationship with the man are one of the most defining characters about her sexual mannerisms. This means, most of the time when a woman is not entirely satisfied with the relationship she has, she will not be able to be sexually responsible which might be mistaken for sexual inability. Now that you know that a woman might not be sexually disoriented in most cases but what if she is? Read the list of disorders given below:

  1. Emotional distress- Emotions and the state-of-mind of a woman is a most defining character for her sexual feelings. Depression, anxiety, stress, guilt, and grief could be the reason for her lack of sexual desires and inability to reach the stages of it.
  2. Lack of Communication- It is a lesser known fact about sexuality that the more you know about it the more you can discover about it. It is extremely important for the two to make a fulfilling communication about their sex-life. This way a woman can find out what her partner desires out of her as an individual.
  3. Gynecological disorders- If it is not a psychologically oriented issue then it is most probably related to the pelvic region. Read the gynecological related issues below:
  4. Vaginal Dryness- Insufficient stimulation in women is a cause for unsatisfied intercourse. Although it is a physiological disorder, yet a woman could rectify the situation with mild medications and even home remedies.
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases- STD's are very commonly spread through unsafe sex. But if a woman has it, it is not only going to make her lose her sex desire but also, a great blow to her overall functioning. Mostly, it is hazardous to her life and the partners she is sexually connected with.
  6. Pelvic inflammatory disorder- This is an infectious disease which starts from the vagina and is spread throughout the pelvic region. As soon as the infection reaches the cervix, the intercourse becomes rather painful and a woman is unable to achieve the desired stages unlike before.

This makes up an entire list of most commonly found reasons behind a woman’s sexual inability. It is best recommended if you consult a sexologist and find a solution.


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